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Michelin Motorcycle Tires have many ardent fans who consider them the best of the best.  We examine this in this article ...

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By Karl Drew an Australian-based business writer with 20 years experience in entertainment, transport and security.

Michelin tires are consider by many as the best in the world. Like many of the tire giants in the marketplace, Michelin had a humble start, manufacturing things like rubber balls, industrial gaskets, valves, and tubing. Then in 1891, the Michelin brothers repaired a bicycle tire and the rest, as they say, is history. Along the way, Michelin has accomplished much indeed. They fit the first vehicle with an air-filled tire, created the first radial tire, and even created the first asymmetric tire. Today, Michelin has a work force tallying 127,000 people all around the world and includes B.F. Goodrich in its stable of tire brands.

It's Not Just Michelin Motorcycle Tires

Michelin, without a doubt is one of the giants in the tire industry with its portion of the world tire market is around 20.1%. Michelin North America operates in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico with headquarters in each individual country.

Whether you're in the market for Michelin motorcycle tires or a Michelin for another vehicle, they have the resources to get you exactly what you want. In fact, tires for airplanes, automobiles, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and even space shuttles make up a portion of Michelin's billion dollar annual sales.

Michelin Motorcycle Tires for Road Bikes


Michelin motorcycle tires are available for all types of road bikes, including race, sport, road/sport, road, urban, cruiser and Gold Wing, and more.

In the Hypersport range, the new Michelin Power One range underwent extreme testing during its development. The Power One covered more than 80,000 miles on over 30 circuits all around the world.

In the sport range of Michelin motorcycle tires, the Pilot Power 2CT now has 20% softer compound on the tire shoulders. It uses dual-compound MotoGP racing technology, has a 51.2 degree lean angle in the dry, plus the responsive handling of a race tire. For a Road/Sport Michelin motorcycle tire, Michelin's Pilot Road tire is available is several different formats, as well as the Michelin Anakee.

If you're not a jet pilot on two wheels, you might wish to look at the range of Michelin motorcycle tires intended road duties like the Michelin Sirac, the Macadam 50 and 50E, the Michelin A39, M39 or the M45.  

The Urban range of Michelin motorcycle tires includes the Michelin Pilot Activ, Macadam 100X, Anakee and the Sirac. There's also the Premium cruiser tire for Gold Wings and similar motorcycles. There's also the Hi-Tour 79X.

Michelin Motorcycle Tires for Off-Road Bikes

The range of off-road Michelin tires is just as extensive as the selection for road bikes. Michelin manufactures tires for Motocross, Enduro, Rally/Raid, Trials and Trail. Tires like the Starcross and Cross Competition range are favorites amongst Motocross crowd.  Meanwhile, for the Enduro folks, the Michelin Enduro Competition range of motorcycle tires are ideal. Rally/Raid tires are a very specific type of motorcycle tire and Michelin's range include the Baja and Desert. The Trial Competition and Trial Competition X11, as well as the Michelin T63, round off the Michelin range of off-road tires for motorcycles.

What About Michelin Tires for Scooters?

Scooter fans need not despair, there's a full range of Michelin tires for scooters, too. In Michelin's sport range there is the Pilot Sport SC, the Bopper, and the Reggae. Or, perhaps you would prefer something from Michelin's GT range of scooter tires. There's the aptly named Michelin Gold Standard, or the Pilot City and ACS. Utility scooter tires include the Michelin S1, VM 100, S83, SM100, M29 S, and VM100S. For big wheel scooters there's the Michelin M29S, Rapido/ Rib Y, VM100, and the T50.

Michelin Motorcycle Tire Care and Maintenance

Choosing the correct tire is very important and determined by your rim width.

You should never mount tires that are wider or narrower than the original equipment tires your bike was fitted with. Going for wider or narrower tires could negatively affect your motorcycle's handling.

You should avoid any rapid acceleration or hard cornering for the first 50 miles after mounting new tires. You can then start to increase your lean angle progressively until the tire's mold release compound is completely worn off the tread area. This is important because brand new tires can be quite slippery until that initial coating is worn away, so take it easy at the beginning.

Check you air pressure only when your tires are cold.

This is important because air pressure levels increase with warmer temperatures and this leads to deceptive pressure levels. You should never bleed air from a hot tire, either.

The pressures recommended by Michelin correspond to cold pressures established in collaboration with motorcycle manufacturers.

Remember that riding on underinflated tires can lead to issues like premature tire wear, irreversible damage to the tire carcass, and even a possible tire failure. Michelin recommend that tire pressures should be checked every two weeks.

Valve caps are very important. Michelin recommends the use of valve caps at all times. These caps help to prevent air loss and keep dirt out of the valve mechanism. Remember that a tire failure on a motorcycle is very dangerous.

asstGive your tires a warm up period. At the start of each ride, travel a few miles at a moderate speed only. This will help to gradually bring your tires up to their normal operating temperature gradually. Once they are fully warmed up, your tires will achieve optimal grip on the road.

It's very important to check your tires regularly. Checking the tread wear by inspecting the tire's wear indicators in the tire grooves should be a habitual exercise for a motorcycle rider. If the tire wear indicators are level with the surface of the tread at any point, the motorcycle tire should be immediately replaced. A worn tire can adversely affect your motorcycle's handling.

If a tire is damaged, a competent dealer can properly conduct the necessary internal and external examinations to determine if the motorcycle tire can be repaired safely. 

Michelin's tires are some of the best in the world, but it's amazing how many people think a tire should be able to be forgotten once it is fitted. Regular safety checks enable you to get the most out of your
motorcycle's tires. And that means money saved... on rubber and skin grafts.

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