Metzler Motorcycle Tires for Enthusiasts and Everyday Riders

"Metzler Motorcycle Tires" are either a phoney look-alike of the real Metzerler brand, or a misprint of a top-rated performer's name ...

By Karl Drew, an Australian-based business writer with 20 years experience in entertainment, transport and security.

If you've typed Metzler motorcycle tires into your search engine, it's probably a misspelling of Metzeler.

Metzeler is a German motorcycle tire company that was founded in 1863. Metzeler originally produced many different products, including a variety of rubber and plastic products. Metzeler then expanded into the booming aviation industry in 1890, and then into automotive and motorcycle tires in 1892. The Metzeler factory was destroyed in WWII, but then rebuilt after the war. Metzler motorcycle tires have since become one of the world's favorite brands of motorcycle tires. Metzeler was eventually acquired by Pirelli Tires in 1986.

The Sportec M3 Metzler Motorcycle Tire

Probably the best known Metzler motorcycle tire right now is the Metzeler Sportec M3. The M-3's compound is called "DuraSil", and contains a lot more silica than the compound of its predecessor. The silica works to enhance wet weather performance in the Sportec M3. 

Memory Aid:  The next time you're searching for these tires try this corny way of thinking about it. Think of the NY Mets being offered for sale.  That makes "Mets Seller." Now shorten it by changing the two S's to "Z"and drop an "L" to get  Metzeler.

A real advancement with this compound is the rubber's ability to resist any movement at the tire's contact patch without the need for resorting to harder compounds, or a stiffer tire carcass. It all sounds very technical but it all comes down to finer particles of carbon black that actually enhance the tires ability to remain stable.

The M3 Metzler motorcycle tire is tuned specifically for front and rear applications. This provides a front tire that can steer accurately, especially during heavy braking. And the rear tire slips less during heavy acceleration.

The profiles of the front and rear are unique, with the front M3 tire being a rounded Metzler motorcycle tire, and the rear tire having a multi-radius that changes from the center of the tire to the edge. The rear tire's middle crown portion has a flatter shape to it in order to provide a larger contact area.

The M3 Metzler motorcycle tire's carcass is quite a technical accomplishment, also. Metzeler's MAW (Metzeler Advanced Winding) concept was first used in the M-1 tire and continues on to the new Metzler motorcycle tire. Each bandina contains three cables made up of three 0.2mm wires twisted together in specifically numbered twists-per-inch, depending on its placement within the M3 tire. It's all very intricate, and the intention is to create a better tire for all conditions.

The M3's tread design is new, too. It's said to improve dry performance while still maintaining the excellent wet-weather performance that the M-1 Metzler motorcycle tire was so famous for. Overall, there is more rubber touching the road thanks to fewer grooves in the tread, without any loss in wet weather capabilities.

Other New Products from Metzler Motorcycle Tires

Metzeler Tourance EXP
Big enduro bikes are all about adventure, and mile by mile down the highway there's a feel of freedom. Metzeler's engineers and technicians have developed Tourance EXP for the latest big enduro bikes.

So is the Tourance EXP any good? A quick scan of the enduro communities on the web shows that the Tourance EXP is creating quite a stir, but it's early days and the jury is still out. The original Metzeler Tourance had a huge following with Enduro enthusiasts all around the world and its replacement is not taken lightly.

Metzler Motocycle Tires for Custom Bikes

The ME 88 Marathon
Metzler motorcycle tire has really had an impact on the cruiser/ tourer range of bikes. For starters, the ME 88 Marathon offers very long mileage whether it's over long-distance journeys or just daily commuting. The tire offers specific carcass material and construction for "heavy" cruising bikes ensuring high riding comfort also in loaded conditions; single radius contour design with flat crown is providing solid contact feeling with confident and predictable handling, and high mileage, good grip in all conditions and very high stability.

The ME 880 Marathon XXL
is perfect for motorcycle owners who need a meatier tire for their bike. It's a unique custom tire on the market that has a steel belt and plenty of rubber to stick to the road. It comes in new 260 and 300, 18" rear size extending and completing the "oversize" range and suiting all customization needs. The tire is a high tech performance radial tire that melds performance with outstanding appearance. It comes in Wide, Wider, and  XXXL sizes. The ME 880 Marathon also has a 0° steel belt that ensures outstanding dimensional stability for higher degree of freedom in tuning. The tire actually makes it possible to mount the rear fender extremely close to the tire for an appealing look everyone likes.

A Word on Tire Inflation for Metzler Motorcycle Tires

Probably the best advice anyone can give a user of any motor vehicle is to purchase their own tire inflation pressure gauge so that they can check their tires on a regular basis and, most importantly, when the tires are cold. If you test the inflation pressure levels of your tires when they are warm, you will get deceptive reading because air expands when it heats up. 

You should always inflate your Metzler motorcycle tires to the correct pressure as indicated in the owner's manual. Over inflation of a tire may impair ride comfort and also reduce the contact patch that is between the tire and the driving surface of the tires. Insufficient air pressure will almost certainly result in poor handling and even cause a tendency for the motorcycle to wander on the road. In addition, tires with incorrect inflation levels will probably suffer from accelerated tire wear, increased fuel consumption, less control and the increased possibility of tire failure.   

Metzler motorcycle tires have an excellent component of their website that recommends inflation levels for its tires in North American conditions. The inflation levels take loading into account and recommend pressures for solo riders as well as when carrying passengers and gear. The Metzler motorcycle tire inflation recommendations cover tourers and cruisers, sport and sport tourers, as well as dual purpose motorcycles.

Serious bikers pay a lot for their tires, whether they be Metzler motorcycle tires or another brand, riders should never forget the importance of good safety checks and getting quality technical advice. Ignoring your tires is a sure way to throw money down the drain, so keep an eye of your tires as well as the road.

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