Metzeler Sportec M5

Metzeler Sportec M5

by Al Staples
(Daytona Beach Fl)

Metzeler Sportec M5 tire

Metzeler Sportec M5 tire

My Metzeler Sportec M3s wore out, so I decided to try Sportec M5s. Ordered from tire distributor waited a week, and when the tire got here, it's MADE IN CHINA!


If I wanted a Chinese tire I would have purchased a Cheng Shin or a Kenda, and saved a lot of money. I spend more for a premium brand and they stiff me with a Chinese knock off.

I am waiting to get an official response from US Metzeler by email. I want a premium tire that I paid for, a M5 from Europe, a Dunlop Q3 made in USA.....

I have been a loyal Metzeler tire customer for nearly 30 years, they are on 5 of my motorcycles, but now have lost confidence in the brand.

Like a lot of companies today, they are trying to win todays ballgame, with yesterday's home runs.

I want Metzeler to make this right.

Should I be expected to spend more money because I was duped by them?

About Made in China Tires

I think you're being unfair in claiming that you were duped. You didn't specify that you didn't want a Chinese tire when you bought it, and I doubt if there was anything in the store or material which you read before making the order that the tire was "Made in Germany" or wherever.

The fact that a tire is made in China doesn't necessarily mean that it is junk, especially because it is a tire made for Metzeler and continues to be backed by the same guarantees that they offer for their products made anywhere else.

In your own admission, you were expecting a tire to be made in Europe, so you would not have complained if the tire were from England, France or Spain. How about the Czech Republic or Hungary?

How would you have reacted if your Metzeler Sportecs had been made in Japan? Just recently I read an article that reported the the 10 top car brands in the USA for people keeping them the longest time were ALL Japanese. Not one was American or European!

I don't know your age, but if you are old enough you may remember when "Made in Japan" used to mean "junk" but for many years now virtually any product that you can name now that comes from Japan is considered to be top-of-the line.

If you subscribe to the notion that you have a moral obligation to support the products of certain nations over others, that is another issue. In my years of experience in the retail side of the business I have never seen an increase in the number of customer complaints for quality between one country of origin of the products of major tire manufacturers who often set up their production lines to specialize in certain models in only one country and then supply the world demand for that model from that country's output.


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