Maximum weight to balance a tire

Maximum weight to balance a tire

by Nick

What is the maximum amount of weight that should be put on a tire in order to balance it?

These tires are on a 2004 Dodge Diesel 2500.
Tire size: 325 x 65 x 18 On a Rockstar XD series mag wheel
Tire: BF Goodrich All Terrain

The weights are situated between the tire and the rim, not the stick on type I normally see on the inside of the rim.

Using a clock face as a reference, the weights are positioned at 4 and 8, only on one tire.

Slight, minor vibration between 64-66 mph and the truck has been in twice for balancing. The tires have about 500 miles on them.

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Your Balance Problem
by: Wheels Etc

I too am concerned about the separation in the weights that have been used.

You did not mention the amount of weight or the size of each weight in order to answer your question. I don't think more than 3 oz on any one side should be necessary to balance a passenger or pickup size tire even when it could weight as much as 40 lbs like the tire you described. More over I am concerned that you have a slight vibration at 64mph. In my opinion that would be a sign of an alignment problem or possibly some other mechanical issue.

Tire and wheel out of balance should be out of balance on or off the vehicle and vibration should increase gradually as you increase the speed.

I am sorry that too many techs are so busy they never get taught the little tricks to balance. By adjusting the amount of weight at the spot indicated by most balancers it is possible to limit the number of weights to one. It might also include moving that one weight slightly from the exact spot called for to get that final "0".

I have also had very good success with balancing beads added to the tire when mounting instead of weights added to the outside.

Tire Balancing
by: Tire Guy

Depending on the tire and the wheel the amount of weight used for balancing can vary considerably. Even as much as 4 to 6 ounces can be used but that isn't normal.

What concerns me is the fact that you have weights at 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock. If these are on the same face of the tire and it's still not balanced, this can mean that you've got a problem combination of tire & wheel since it is the match between the tire and the wheel that causes the vibration not just a tire or a wheel alone.

If the weights are at different "times" but on opposite sides of the tire that is OK.

Sometimes when it is difficult to balance a tire it is useful to unmount it and revolve the tire slightly before trying to balance it again. An experienced tire technician would surely be quite aware of how to go about this.

Also, you might want to know that there is a possibility that no amount of balancing would fix the problem if there is a mechanical cause for the vibration. One way to make certain the cause is NOT mechanical is to mount the tire on a different wheel. If the vibration moves with the change, then the cause is almost certainly in the tire/wheel match.


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