The Mavis Discount Tire Story

The Mavis Tire Supply Corporation is better known to many of us as Mavis Discount Tire ....

In addition to tires, Mavis Tire sells, provides and fits shock absorbers, struts, brakes, wheel alignments, and even oil changes. It also offers many services for free, as well as a number of great guarantees.

mavis discount

Mavis Discount Tire has also worked hard to create an online presence, offering its products through its website on the internet. For those of you with long memories and a taste for nostalgia, Mavis Tire Supply Corporation was formerly known as Vic, the Tire King, Inc. The organization then formally changed its name to Mavis Tire Supply Corporation back in 1972. The company was originally founded in 1949 and is based at 43 Kensico Drive Mount Kisco, New York. It has locations in New York and Connecticut.

Mavis Tire and the Purchase of Cole Muffler Brake Inc.

The well-known upstate New York business, Cole Muffler Brake Inc. had a change of owners in 2009 -- the name of the business will remain the same  with just one slight adjustment as Mavis takes over ownership of 47 locations of the Salina-based company.

The new name of the business is Cole Muffler Brake & Tire to reflect an increased emphasis on tires that Mavis wishes to implement.

In purchasing the Cole Muffler business, Mavis has acquired equipment, inventory, some vehicles, and a licensing of the business name. So for all of those who loved the Cole Muffler name, it will still remain and the company logo will be prominently displayed at the top of the Mavis Discount Tire Web site.

With the acquisition of the Cole Muffler stores, Mavis  Tire adds somewhere in the region of another 180 employees to its work force, bringing the total of  employees to approximately 900.

More about Mavis Discount Tire and Cole Muffler Brake and Tire

Cole Muffler generates an annual revenue of around $15 million.

David Sorbaro and his brother, Stephen, own Mavis Discount Tire, and both have an equal share in the organization. Sorbaro has indicated that Cole Muffler will increase its range and improve services under the guidance of Mavis. Their intent is that Mavis and Cole Muffler complement each other and enhance business opportunities.

Mavis Discount Tire Offers Home Delivery and a Few Perks

Home delivery is a unique twist which Mavis Tire offers customers. Included in this is the Mavis 30 day guarantee, which is a promise that if you make a purchase from Mavis and then see the same tire advertised cheaper, Mavis will refund the difference plus 5%.

All discount tires that are sold by Mavis come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, plus the policy that Mavis will accept the return or exchange of any original-condition, uninstalled tires that were purchased from MavisTire.Com (excl. special order items) within thirty days.

Mavis also offers a number of free services to its customers. These services include brake, suspension (shock or strut), front end, battery, and exhaust check. Checks, like these can be invaluable to motorists.

Some Simple Checks to Help Get the Most from Your Tires

Check Your Tread. Besides certain legal requirements governing the amount of tread on your tires, the more tread on your tires means the better the grip your vehicle has on the road, especially in wet conditions. Remember that tires that are worn to a point where they are no longer legally safe can lead to a lack of control when steering or braking.

Check Your Sidewalls for things like cuts or gouges in the tire walls. If your tires are damaged you should immediately consult a tire specialist and consider replacements. It is quite possible to repair any small punctures that may exist in the tire walls but this can depend on factors like the size and location of the damage.

Check Your Air Pressure when your tires are cold. The air pressure inside your tires can change as you drive because air expands as it heats up, so check it before you start to drive around. It’s a good idea to get your own gauge so that you can test your tires at home, too, because some of those gauges at gas stations can be inaccurate as a result of years of use. Incorrect tire pressure can expose you to greater wear and greater expense as a result of this, including replacement tires, poor fuel economy, and even the risk of tire failure.

Check Your Wheels are Balanced, if your steering wheel vibrates when you drive it could mean that your wheels are not properly balanced. Unbalanced wheels can impair steering and lead to increased wear on your vehicle’s suspension system. It might seem like a good way to cut costs by skimping on a wheel balance job, but it’s a short term gain that leads to a long term loss.

Check You Are Not Overloading Your Vehicle, excessive or incorrect loading could cause tire problems or even tire failure. Excessive weight can cause a tire to actually come off a rim when cornering. If you’re taking a family holiday or moving heavy loads with your vehicle, you should make sure that you are not exposing your tires to loads that they are not rated for. For more information, talk to your tire specialist.


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