M & S xtra trac 225 60 r16

M & S xtra trac 225 60 r16

by Ray Forte
(2041 hemlock farms,Lords Valley,Pa.18428, USA)

I bought all 4 tires for my car & 2 for my fiancee . less than 2 yrs ago. The salesman told me how great great wearing they are, now my 2 front tire threads are down over 55% I complained & was told that's the way it is w/ those tires. I've gotten them before lasted long time ! also recommended them to friends, who aren't happy either! I would appreciate better treatment from you. Please respond soon as possible before they are totally gone !

About your tire problem:

Let's start with your comment: " I would appreciate better treatment from you. "

We will try to help you as much as we can, but please be aware that we can only offer you advice based on what you tell us. We neither sell tires or services.

You have given us very little information to work with. We don't know what brand of tires, what kind of vehicles you installed them on, what kind of driving conditions you have faced and not even how many miles you have used them. A photograph showing the details of the wear might also have helped.

It seems that the problem tires are only on one of the vehicles, so it may be that the problem it has, has its roots in the way that vehicle is used, the distance it has covered, the kind of roads it has traveled, etc. Possibly, that vehicle has a mechanical problem, such as alignment or suspension which is causing those tires to wear faster than they should.

My suggestion is to take your vehicle to a tire dealer who you trust (or who has a good reputation among your friends and acquaintances) and have them diagnose the problem and see the physical tires you have having difficulty with.


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Aug 21, 2016
your M & S Xtra Trac tires
by: Wheels Etc

I am just guessing you are talking about Douglas M & S Xtra Trac II tires designed for use in snow and icy conditions.

Your compliant is something to do with rapid wear and I find that hard to understand.

You mentioned you have driven them for two years and I expect you mean continuously?

A professional dealer will tell you aggressive traction tires like this do not have long mileage ratings on the sidewall of the tire.

You also suggested you have 45%of the original tread left after those two years. If that is the case and you drive a normal 12,000 each year you could expect to get another 20,000 miles out of these tires. In my opinion you are getting your money's worth.

Wal Mart is the exclusive distributor of the Douglas Brand, however, Goodyear makes the tire and owns the brand which was part of the Lee Tire and Rubber Co line made under guidance from Kelly Springfield which is owned by Goodyear. This means you can go to Goodyear to push for a better adjustment if Walmart isn't reasonable.

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