Low Profile Tires

Low Profile Tires

by Heavy
(Cullman, Alabama Murcia )

Extreme Low profile tires (305/30R26)

Extreme Low profile tires (305/30R26)

I have a 2001 Pontiac Montana with the 3400 engine in it, it currently has 215 70 15's on it.

I am going to go low profile with the tires on my factory 15" aluminum alloy rims. I currently have a pair of 205 50 15's on the front and the 215 70's on the back till I can afford the other two 205 50's.

Does anyone see any problems with this set up for a month or so? The minivan seems to have more torque with the low pro's on the front, being front wheel drive and all.

I have noticed I have to ride high side if the road is worn on the tire path and has a high spot in the middle. But it does some pretty mad burnouts now! I'm actually starting to like the van now. And contrary to popular belief, it seems to be saving fuel now, more than it did with the larger tires on it anyway.

I know my speedo is off a bit now, but I'm liking the cornering ability of the lower tires.

Any suggestions would be a great help!

Editorial Comment:

Well you certainly seem to be aware of most of the issues that arise when you change tire sizes so I won't elaborate much in that direction.

Compare the two sizes using our Tire Size Calculator to get specific figures, and when you do you'll see that you are using tires which are more than 14% different in overall diameter. This is far beyond the 2% limit we usually recommend.

If you're willing to put up with the inconveniences you've noted there's no reason why I would recommend otherwise, but if you ask my opinion I'd recommend a 295/50R15 as a better match for a low profile tire.

The main drawback to this is that you'll likely have to get wider rims and if you're going to change rims anyways, then consider getting bigger rims and go to an 18 or 20 inch wheel for a really sexy low look.


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