Lawn Tractor Tires for People with Serious Laws and Gardens

TIRE GUYWant to know about Lawn tractor tires?

Lawn tractor tires are different to conventional tractor tires in that they are intended for lawn-related work. Lawn tractors can be fitted with lots of optional attachments, so when you choose your tires you may want to consider if you will be towing or pulling additional weight behind you.

Your lawn tractor will have different diameters on the front and rear tires. The front tires being much smaller than the rear. Ribs on front tires are usually straight and the rear tires are cross-ribbed.

Lawn tractor tires must have excellent traction as well as resistance to lateral sway. All these features are needed for smooth driving. It is important that the ground below the rear lawn tractor tires is not pushed down or compacted. Lawn tractor tires are made so they cut through the earth instead of compacting it.

lawn tractor tire

Typical Lawn Tractor Tire

Keys to Long Tire Life

Lawn tractor tires are designed to carry a specified load at a specific inflation pressure. Proper inflation for the load is the most important factor in the tire’s performance. Load distribution should be 40 % on front tires and 60 % on rear tires. Check your operator manual for details.

Use an accurate gauge to check inflation pressure. Incorrect inflation pressure can be a contributing factor in unusual tread wear. Check your tires every month, including winter when your lawn tractor may not be operating.

The best time to check your inflation pressure is when the tires are cold, by that I do not mean wait for winter to check them, check them every month before you drive on them.

Bad load distribution can cause the front drive tires to wear at twice the rate of the rears. If the front lawn tractor tires exhibit irregular or rapid tire wear, consult your operator’s manual or dealer. Perhaps even contact the manufacturer online. These days, just about everyone has a website and manufacturers often have very helpful ones.

Getting the Most from your Lawn Tractor Tires

The tires on your lawn tractor are an expensive investment that should last a long time. Inflation pressure should be your main concern. However, there are a couple of additional pointers that will maximize the life of your tires.

  • Keep weight distribution even for tires on the same axle. Unusual tire wear would result if the tire pressure is not the same.
  • During winter, when you may not use your lawn tractor as much, ensure that the tires are not parked in an oily area. Oil can damage tires.
  • Also in winter, ensure that inflation pressures are maintained.
  • Bald tires will reduce your lawn tractor’s ability to climb slopes, so replace them when they are bald.
  • Do not bump and bash your lawn tractor tires, many operators think that their machines are indestructible and run over anything. Rocks and other sharp objects can cause tire failure.

Safety Tips

  • Never operate any equipment without first reading the operators manual
  • Turn off the engine before you get out of the driver position
  • Never carry a passenger
  • Never allow a minor to operate equipment
  • Never mow in reverse
  • Always be careful when mowing on slopes


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