Lawn Mower Tires and Riding Lawn Mower Tires for the Connoisseur

What do you want to know about lawn mower tires?

rug mowerUnlike our photo, mowing a lawn can be a very serious business. So too, can be choosing the right tires. You may need lawn mower tires or you may be in the market for riding lawn mower tires. Either way, today’s homes can have thousands of dollars invested in gardens and lawns. It is, after all, your castle. So, you had better make sure your caretaking equipment is up to the task.

Steering depends so much on tires; traction can be an issue, too. If you‘re attempting to mow uneven surfaces or rough terrain, you might want to consult with a dealer about the right choice in tires.

I have a good friend, Tom, who owns a mowing business. He is actually an engineer who has a few years left before he retires. So, he decided to be paid doing what he loves, mowing lawns. He says he gets a lot of thinking time done in an average workday.

Tom says, choosing riding lawn mower tires and, to some extent, walk behind lawn mower tires, depends on your mower model and the kind of terrain you will be working with.

Lawn mower Tires

If you are using a walk behind mower, the last thing you want is a tire that rips up all your hard work. You want that mower to go in the direction you point it and not try to direct you. You want a tire that is going to last, it should be lightweight and plastic.

Riding Lawn mower Tires

Again, Tom prefers to have long-lasting tires. However, if you are mowing rough or sloped terrain you may need to look at a more serious tread. Tom has a couple of ride on mowers. One for flat surfaces that uses gentle tires. The other is for rough terrain, the tires are a little rougher on the surface, but he really needs the grip for safety.

Examples of Lawnmower Tires

  • Rib tires that are designed to reduce turf damage. They are an excellent front-end tire and long lasting.
  • Tires that feature beveled shoulders and turf friendly tread. A flat footprint helps traction and stability.
  • Smooth tires that are used where traction isn‘t a problem. The results are minimal turf damage.
  • Studded tires that offer versatility and grip.

Matching your needs is essential and a change of tire can make a world of difference, either way. It‘s a good idea to do your homework and ask a few questions. Manufacturers have different names for different tire types such as all-terrain, heavy-duty, turf, and trail.

The Common problems with tires are punctures or damage from striking objects. You can easily change the whole tire if it is steel or plastic and remember to check your air pressures if you are using an air-filled tire. If you do not check your air pressures, you could damage the tires.

You can read more about lawn tires in our article on lawn tractor tires.  As well, you might find some safety tips that are useful for lawn mowers or riding lawn mowers.


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