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I was interested in a set of Eagle's for my convertible. The salesman (TREASUR COAST, FL.) sold me on a set of KELLEY NAVIGATORS saying I'll get 70,000 miles out of them insted of 55,000 for the GTS Goodyear.

I told my Brother who was employee years back at the Spingfield Plant. He said "don't buy those, buy tires from a reputable dealer. Goodyear won't back them up"

HE WAS RIGHT! After 23,00 mile My garage parked Chrysler's tires are separating and the dealer and Pro Adjuster in Springfield Told Me the best they can do for me is take 18.00 of the price of the lesser kelley for they discontinued the model I purchased, and I would have o pay all mounting and ballance fees.

Editorial Comment:

No doubt you've told us what happened but there are a lot of details that haven't been told which would help us know whether or not you got a good product and or service.

For example, what was the warranty on the tires? Did they guarantee 70,000 miles, or was this something that the salesman might have said which wasn't stated in your warranty?

In any case, most mileage guarantees, when they exist are based on returning to the purchasers a discount based on the number of miles which they did not get when the tread was worn out. If your tire is unserviceable but still has considerable tread on it, you may not qualify under the terms of some warranties.

Also important in warranties is the reason why a tire has failed. If it is defective because of some problem in its making or materials, that is one thing, if it becomes defective because the vehicle is in poor mechanical condition, is misaligned or if the tires are not kept inflated at the correct level, those are different issues and most manufacturers will not respond to these kinds of problems.

When you purchase tires you must understand what the tire is guaranteed to give you and also what your obligations as a vehicle owner are. Sometimes, you may get some satisfaction directly from the retailer if they have employees who are not telling customers the full story, but this depends on the goodwill of the business, and you may have a hard time getting any legal rights in this kind of situation.

I have sold many Kelly tires in the past and have had few, if any, customers who were unhappy with them, but that doesn't mean that it is impossible for a defective tire to show up. What it does mean, to me, is that when I hear about all 4 tires being bad, I suspect that there is something more going on than what we've been told.


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