is it possible for assymetrical tire to be directional sort of?

is it possible for assymetrical tire to be directional sort of?

by Ali
(Mississauga, ON, Canada)

I had my winter tires put on which are Pirelli Snowsport 210. the tires are assymetrical which i understand means they are not directional I may be wrong though).

my alignment before the tires was perfectly fine with no pull and the steering was pretty well centered.

After putting these tires on which are used but i used then last winter, the car now pulls to the right with a a slight lean of the steering to the left.

The tread pattern on these tires especially the three tread rows in the middle make a shape. its not a very obvious but its there. both tires on the driver side are installed so that that rotating forward the shape is \/. on the passenger side however, the pattern of the tread is /\ . if i were to get the tires taken of and flipped so that the inside sidewall in now on the outside, i can get the \/ shape back on all 4 tires.

would there be any traction or steering pull issues just because the treads are facing opposite ways? or am i making a deal out of something that doesnt matter.

As i mentioned before, the alignment was fine until i put the tires on :(

attached is a photo of the pirelli snowsport 210 for reference.

Comment: The photo you mentioned did not upload.

Assymetric tire may or may not be directional. The her asymmetric means that if you draw an imaginary line in the centre of the tread, the design on one side is not a mirror image of the other side. That is they are different.

If the tread is directional, the tire needs to rotate in only one direction in order to get the benefits of the tread design. Directional tires frequently have V-shaped grooves in them to aid in throwing water or other elements out of the tire. These tires usually are marked on the sidewall showing the direction that they need to rotate.

The fact that you have the tread on one side reversed from the other may mean that the tires on one side were mounted incorrectly and removing and remounting them might solve your problem.


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