I had a rear tire that broke a band

I had a rear tire that broke a band

The replacement tire at the moment on the passenger side rear is 215/?/R18. The other 3 are the normal size 235/55/R18 and I was wondering if it is ok to drive the car or if it will mess anything up in the rear of the car? My car is front wheel drive.

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Your 18" Tire
by: Wheels Etc

You have received good advice however, you left a lot to be learned about what tire you actually have put on the rear.

It is possible that a 60, 65 or 70 would be tall enough to work fine in the rear. On the front however, it is necessary to match not only the size but even the amount of wear can make a difference.

It is in your best interest to match the tire size along with the brand and tread for all four tires but especially those on the same axle (front or rear). Again you were asked to drive safely and be aware that different sized tires respond differently to all conditions, turning, braking and weather.

You should be aware that the load carrying capacity of that smaller size is less than the appropriate tire and therefore could cause you additional trouble when you have passengers in the vehicle.

Different sized emergency tire
by: Tire Guy

If you intention is simply to use the odd sized tire for emergency use to drive to a repair or sales facility to have the damaged tire repaired or replaced, then you should have little problem if you drive with caution and keep the speed low and always remember that you are driving using a TEMPORARY tire.

It is never a good idea to drive with different sized tires on the same axle unless you are exercising extreme caution at all times. So as a temporary emergency means of getting your vehicle to the closest repair facility you may do all right, but make sure you get the damaged tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible.


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