Tire Humor

New tires - cheaper than Wal-Mart

TIRE GUYHarry, a salty old tire dealer in the southern US, shared this story with me.

Awhile back,  just as I was finishing my morning grilled sticky bun, up pulls one of them pink Mary Kay cars, and a woman wearing enough perfume to leave a puddle if she stands in one place too long gets out and comes into my shop looking for a set of tires.

"How much would new tires be?", she asks.

"$125 per tire.", says I.

She queries, "You have them in stock?"

"Sure do. And we can put them on right now if you like."

Then she screws up her nose so she looks like one of those little foreign dogs with no face and says, "That's pretty expensive. I can go down to the Wal-Mart and get the same tire for $99!"

"Do they have them in stock?", I asked.

"Well ... no.", she admitted.

"Heck ma'am, when I don't have 'em, they're only $80!"



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