How To Write A Tire Review

TIRE GUYWrite a tire review like a pro...

It's really quite simple and to make it really easy, I'll walk you through the entire process.  Just pretend we are chatting and you answer some easy questions which I'll be asking.  Use your own words and answer just like you would if we were say, talking on the phone. In no time, your review will appear like magic.

Complete the sentences below using the hints which I provide in parentheses.

Before you begin, look at these examples, to make it clear ...



If, you have nothing to say in any box, just select the entire contents and press your delete key and leave that box blank.

If you want to see a sample of what a completed form would look like click here and a new window will open

Here are your review questions


Wasn't that simple?  You're almost finished and on the road to being an expert tire reviewer.

Before you click on the Submit Review button, below, let me explain what happens next.

  1. You'll be taken to a new page where you will see a draft of your complete review.  You will see everything you entered above, all piled into one single input box.  It might look a bit jumbled, but don't worry, we'll have an editor pretty it up so it looks professional.
    This is the place where you can add a photo, if you have one.  In any case, you must click the second submit button which is on this page to confirm you've completed.
  3. Your review is done, but you'll then be taken to a final review area where you have a chance to polish it up and make changes if you want.  No more buttons to click, but you can enter your email address so we can advise you when your review has been published.

Are you ready to proceed? If so, click the Submit button, now...



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