Hercules Terra Trac AT-II

Hercules Terra Trac AT-II

by Ron, U.S. Army Ret.
(Creston, California, USA)

I purchased a 2002 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 Off-Road in 2017 which came with Toyo Open Country AT tires. They howled when driven on paved roads and tended to have poor road manners.

I purchased a set of Hercules Terra Trac AT-II tires on the recommendation of our tire store owner "Anthony's Tires, in Paso Robles, CA.", who raved about the quality and low price of this U.S. made Cooper subsidiary tire that constantly outperformed The Toyo brand. So I took a chance and mounted a new set of four 245/75-R16.

Oh-My! The tires seem as quiet as the Pilots on our sedan. The truck handles like a dream and tracks straight as an arrow without hardly any wheel weight needed for balancing.

We took them out the Los Padres National Forest for some 4-wheeling. And I have to say they did not disappoint in the least. A very capable tire, indeed, and again so well mannered in the soft decomposed granite sand and loose shale rock we have here. A real pleasure to drive and own.

^_^ Ron
Thank you, Hercules Tires.

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Mar 15, 2017
Editorial Comment:
by: Tire Guy

It's great that you are satisfied with your new Hercules tires.

A couple of comments about your case.

First, part of the problem you had with your previous tires may have been a result of their age and use. Who knows how old the were or how many miles they had been driven, and under what conditions. Do you have any idea of whether the previous owner(s) kept them properly inflated, balanced, aligned, etc.?

When your new tires were installed, you may have also had them aligned since it is very common to do an alignment when you install new tires and with most new tires, if they are mounted by a professional, only minimal weight is required for balancing. In general, as tires get older and do not wear regularly there is a need for increased weight in balancing.

These comments are not meant to diminish your new tires, but to give you a bit of perspective so that you realize that these tires, too, need maintenance as they accumulate miles and wear so that you can continue to enjoy the best that they can give you.


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