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Hankook Tires

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10

Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10

Hi there, My question is about new tires. I bought 4 new ALL WEATHER hankook tires today Dec/7/2012. All four of my tires have the DOT ending 4611 which I assume is 46th week of 2011 which puts us back to oct/nov of 2011. When I got my tires installed the first thing I did was look for those little hairs that come on new tires that are left after the moulding of the rubber. None were found so I went back to ask the company if they were new or old tires they put on they assured me they were absolutely new.

So my question is don't all new tires come with the little hairs on or do some now for example my hankook tires. Also if the tires were manufactured in nov of 2011 it makes them one year old which hardly qualifies them new or am I wrong?

I got the tires installed at Canadian Tire. The tires are 186/65R14 86T and all 4 tires have the DOT of 5MC1EMH4611 what does that dot indicate to you as to where they were manufactured etc etc.

Editorial Comment:

Tires are considered "new" if they are un-used, not based on the date of manufacture. If you consider other consumer products which are non-perishable, such as clothing, home appliances, tools, decorations, etc, it is possible that several months or even years pass before the item is sold as new in a retail store.

It is largely because of some sensationalist, and poorly researched TV reports that the issue of tire age has surfaced to cause concern in some consumer sectors.

The fact is that tire fabricators tend to give a warranty of 5 or 6 years on their tires against defects in manufacturing or in materials, but the fact that a tire passes that age does not mean that the tire suddenly suffers a break-down and turns bad. In fact many tires which have been carefully maintained, and/or stored have given very good service far beyond the life of the manufacturer's warranty.

As far as the little hairs on the tire go, some manufacturers have at one time or another, gone to the extent of shaving off these little pieces of rubber but many have stopped doing this as a way to cut down production costs since leaving them on in no way reduces the quality of a tire. (Some people will claim that their presence, ensures that you know you're getting an un-used tire, but this is only true if the manufacturer is not shaving their tires)

If you have your doubts about whether or not these tires were used for awhile before they were sold to you, look at other Hankook tires with production dates similar to yours and see if they still have the hairs on them. If they do, then you might have some evidence that these were not, in fact, new. This isn't conclusive, however, the best way would be an accurate measurement of the tread depth. If this is the same as a new tire of that make and model, then hairs or not, the tire will give you the same life as a new one.

As for the manufacturing place, see DOT Code Chart and you'll note that these were made in Korea.


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