Grissmer Tire, Columbia St., Springfield, Ohio

Grissmer Tire, Columbia St., Springfield, Ohio


I went in to Grissmer Tire, Columbia St., Springfield, Ohio to buy (2) TWO tires, and stated this from the first interaction with worker assisting.

I had wanted Michelins but was fed a line and then was lead to a display of Nokians.

I agreed to purchasing TWO of them instead then but when the clerk was writing up the order I was informed the Company which makes the tires, SUGGESTS buying Four Tires, and the clerk said he could not sell less THAN FOUR.

Since my son needed Two tires in a bad way before the First snowfall, as I watched snowflakes begin to fall as predicted (in what was to be 3or 4") I went with Their SUGGESTION (Having no choice).

Then the clerk informs me THEY ONLY HAD TWO in stock.....?.....(and remember he told me he COULD NOT SELL ME JUST TWO) so I suggested since this was the only brand (they lead to believe would fit my sons auto) to Ring up FOUR tires, Put the TWO on the Auto and CALL Me when the other TWO came in.

So that day I purchased FOUR tires ... left with TWO mounted on the auto. And Of Course I had to call them DAYS LATER to confirm my other TWO tires I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR had arrived ... how RUDE.

My advice to all women: DO NOT patronize Grissmers and if you don't have a male in your life, Rent a male to take with you when doing any car service

Other experiences: I went to Firestone at the UPPER VALLEY MALL, Springfield, OHIO for bearing work since the Van we drove (at the time) had a bad habit of the Back bearings going out and the ole shimmy would return.

I do not let workers drive my autos to confirm the repairs needed (alone) I went on the drive with the male and he pushed the van to the limit (and my Blood pressure) on our way back (while showing off) began to name just about every part in the drive train and them some that He felt needed replaced.

When we returned another male worker thinking I couldn't hear him informed the (test driver) there was a man with me "in that little red car outside". My husband.

Oddly enough after a visual Inspection this same worker that test drove the van confirmed that we only needed bearings replaced on the left back. Funny ISN'T THAT What I HAD STATED? I asked.

Never returned there again.

The reason I do not let workers test drive my autos alone: We went to Midas For Brakes AS SOON AS I heard the tell-tale squeak/grind, I requested they put front Brakes on our VW- Rabbit, gave the keys to the desk person...sat down...looked up from the magazine I had grabbed to past the see the rear of my VW as IT PULLED OFF THE LOT...Jumped up STOOD there waiting for the return of my which time I informed this person....If there was anything more then JUST brake pads needed HE WOULD BE THE ONE PAYING FOR THE REPAIRS...I didn't appreciate the fact that they had to TEST DRIVE MY CAR to CONFIRM IT NEEDED BRAKE PADS...I had never heard of such a stupid thing. JUST Take off the wheel!

Since I am a female I felt they could take advantage. My father was a Owner/Operator of Service Stations when they actually were Service Stations, so I am not stupid I know what needs repaired. (My husband, on the other hand, thinks the way to get rid of noise the cars aren't supposed to make is to turn up the radio.)

If they would have sold me the Two tires I originally wanted, (the Michelins), and not baited and switched me into FOUR tires, this might have been acceptable.

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