New Advancements for Goodyear Truck Tires

Goodyear Truck Tires are making big promises that will help you save money in a big way.  See what they've come up with ...

By Karl Drew, an Australian-based business writer with 20 years experience in entertainment, transport and security.

If you're driving on Goodyear  tires, one thing is probably on your mind right now. Fuel prices. High fuel prices can cause real headaches in the truck industry, and your guess is as good as mine as far as the future of oil prices go.

One of the best ways to ensure you're getting the most out of your truck, as far as fuel prices go, is to have a good driver. A good driver can save a fortune on the road in running costs. And now Goodyear has come to party with some new tires that promise to save money as well, so now there's another way to get the most out of your truck.

There are many things drivers can do to minimize fuel wastage, so by combining a good driver that works in your interests and a set of Goodyear tires that promise to maximize your fuel efficiency, you could definitely save big dollars. Goodyear has launched a new range of  truck tires, called Fuel Max, to give those who are seeking to maximize efficiency a bit of a helping hand. The Fuel Max tire range is aimed at helping deliver better fuel economy. But how?

Goodyear Truck Tires Actually Reduce Fuel Consumption

A set of Goodyear tires that can actually save you money? It sounds like a scam really, but says that in a controlled environment using TMC/ SAE Type II fuel economy testing, Fuel Max tires measured an 8% improvement in fuel economy compared with standard Goodyear over the-road tires.

A key factor of Fuel Max Technology is the reduction in tire rolling resistance. Goodyear scientists and engineers made the discovery that tread design, depth and compound accounted for more than half of a tire's rolling resistance.

Fuel Max Goodyear truck tires use cool-running compounds and construction to improve miles per gallon and equate to real dollar savings at the end of a run. Fuel Max Goodyear truck tires are available for steer, drive, trail, and even as retreads.

New from Goodyear: Truck Tires that Fix Themselves

Truck tires have a tough life and are exposed to all sorts of terrain.

DuraSeal Goodyear truck tires have a way of instantly sealing punctures with little or no loss of air pressure. Now, that's got to be worth a saving on the road. No more down time to change a tire on the road and no more parking the truck up until a tire can be repaired the next day.

The Duraseal Goodyear truck tire range seals punctures of up to ΒΌ inch in diameter (typical of a nail or screw hole) and can avoid flat tires on the road. DuraSeal tires can do this thanks to a special sealant that is imbedded in the tire structure and is immediately released into any hole that is caused by a penetration.

The sticky gel-like polymer compound surrounds the nail or screw if it stays in the tire or, if the penetrating object flies out, the polymer fills the hole so the tire can continue without losing inflation pressure. A driver shouldn't even know it's happened because the tires should remain fully inflated and just continue rolling.

This added feature could be particularly useful for anyone who relies on Goodyear tires and doesn't need the downtime of fixing small punctures all of the time. And that probably means just about every truck driver and owner.

The Cradle-to-Grave Retread Program for Goodyear Truck Tires: Retreads the Goodyear Way.

With tires easily placed as one of the top three costs associated with truck operations, saving money by using Goodyear's cradle-to-grave program makes a lot of sense. If you operate long haul, regional or mixed service trucks, the cradle-to-grave program offers like-new performance at a much lower cost than simply purchasing new Goodyear truck tires.

Goodyear offers traditional retreads, as well as premium UniCircle retreads. The UniCircle retreads feature a spliceless construction and adhere snugly to the casing to enhance traction and reduce costly tearing and chunking.

The cradle to grave program is designed to do many things. Obviously, running costs are a major concern in the truck industry and that's why retreads are so popular. The other factor is the environment. By using Goodyear truck tire retreads it means that less used rubber ends up as landfill, so it's a real winner for the future. Landfill, and in particular tires as landfill, is a major concern to environmentalists all around the world. It's a major concern to tire manufacturers too, because costs associated with the disposal of rubber continue to rise, and that means they have to pass on those costs to customers.

Looking at Some Goodyear Truck Tires in Detail

asstGoodyear 316 LHT DuraSeal FuelMax :
This Goodyear truck tire reduces downtime and improves fuel efficiency. It features an innovative sealant inside the tire that quickly seals tread punctures, reducing the need to stop and repair punctures. It has a cool-running, triple-compound construction for a low rolling resistance.

Goodyear G104 RST:
This Goodyear truck tire has a shallow tread for an even wear on low-platform trailers. It's a tire that has been around a long time and many drivers trust it.

Goodyear G159 LT:
This Goodyear truck tire is a long-wearing rib tire for local and highway service. It's a commonly sold tire that has a lot of devotees.

Goodyear G177 DuraSeal Technology:
This Goodyear truck tire is for rugged off-road condition like coal fields. The tire features the innovative sealant that reduces the need to stop for tread punctures, a rugged tread design for excellent off-road traction and a tough high-tear compound in the tread.

Goodyear G288 MSA DuraSeal Technology:
This Goodyear truck tire is a truck tire for rough road conditions. It features the DuraSeal technology that helps reduce downtime caused by tread punctures; a 25/32” tread depth and wide footprint, as well as reducing road noise for a quieter ride, as well as reducing road noise for a quieter ride.

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