Goodyear Tire Reviews

Tire Review: Goodyear Allegra

by chris
(nc, pa)

Goodyear Allegra tire

Goodyear Allegra tire

The best tires I have ever owned.

I had a set of BF Goodrich touring tires before the Allegras. The BFs were okay dry traction tires, but were absolutely terrible on wet roads.

The Goodyear tires have full depth cuts/sipes on every part of the tire. More sipes=more gripping points. The tires have been great for 65k+ miles and still going. I am now looking for tires again and am disappointed no one makes full depth sipes on car tires. Michelin has one for SUVs, but not cars.

The Goodyear Allegras have me spoiled and have made it difficult to replace them.

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Goodyear Eagle Authority 16" tires

(Litchfield, IL )

Goodyear Eagle Authority tire

Goodyear Eagle Authority tire

I have, up until now, not had a problem with the tires, but just under 20,000 miles on a 50,000 mile tire, my left rear tire started getting low on air pressure,

I checked the tire and it was a little low, so I went to fill the tire and at about 30 psi, I had just checked the pressure and all of a sudden the tire blew out, I removed the tire and put the spare on and when I got the tire off I noticed that it had blown out on the inside, side wall, no cuts, no marks what-so-ever.

I had to work the next day so I had my wife take the car back to Walmart where we had purchased the tires. She had the receipt in hand and explained to them what happened, they were rude, and said they couldn't see where I purchased road hazard insurance, but I purchased unlimited rotation and balancing, but for some reason it didn't show that I had road hazard insurance.

But anyway she asked them if they would at least look at the tire to see if there was some kind of defect and they wouldn't even do tha. They said that there was no way a tire blows out on the side wall without hitting something.. so to me that is just them trying to get over on a woman.

I was a mechanic for over 20 yrs, and I have seen plenty of tires that blew out from a tire defect, not because someone hit something. Well she asked what the 50,000 mile warranty covered, they told her if all of the tread wears off ( bald tire) before the 50,000 mile warranty then they would replace the tire.

The problem is the tread looks fine, but why would a tire blow out for no reason, unless there is a defect in the tire? When I purchased the tires I was told by the sales person at wal-mart that no matter what happens with the tire, even if you are traveling, you can stop at any wal-mart and they will replace your tire, but evidently that was a lie, because, I can't even get the people where I bought the tire to even look at it.

Last tires I will purchase at wal-mart,, I think they have just gotten too big for their own good, would be nice to see them start losing business to smaller businesses, can anyone say monopoly, Thought that was against the law in this country…

About sidewall blowouts

I'm afraid to have to tell you,from what you tell me, that I think you may have caused your own blow-out.

The most damaging thing you can do is run a tire with under pressure which you admit you did. What happens when a tire is under inflated is that it flexes far too much and this increased flexing heats up the rubber. (Have you ever taken a piece of wire and bent it back and forth and saw how hot it got?) Heat is not good for rubber and causes it to deteriorate much too fast.

It is a coincidence that you had noticed that the tire was low in pressure and had increased it to 30 psi … unfortunately the damage had already been done. Possibly you may have had some impact on the sidewall which blew out, or maybe not, but depending on the amount of internal tire damage that had been done by running on low pressure a failure was inevitable. I have seen a tire with too little pressure completely destroyed (internally) by as little as an hour or two of driving on the highway.

I've heard ugly reports of the poor attention which Walmart sometimes gives its customers, but in your case the blowout you experienced was not due to a road hazard which you, yourself admitted. If the manufacturer's warranty was to apply for defective material there would have to be some evidence that the tire failed for that reason. Since you had already driven some 20,000 miles it didn't show that the tire was defective, but rather that something had happened during that time to cause it to fail. Running on low pressure weakened the tire from the inside out until it reached a point where it couldn't even resist the normal pressure it should have been able to sustain.


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Apr 07, 2012
Your Goodyear Tire
by: Wheels Etc

I am afraid you may be responsible for the damage that resulted in the "blowout" however until a professional tireman tells you that the tire was runflat I would not accept that as the cause.

If I were looking at the tire I would be able to tell you indeed the tire was runflat or not and I would then look for the reason the tire was low. Normally, a customer comes in with a blownout tire and says he had no warning. I can normally find evidence of a nail hole or other injury that caused the tire to be low on air and rusulted in the tire coming apart.(Sudden loss of air).

I have had other problems with WalMart and was assured by Goodyear that after you have offered them an opportunity to evalulate the condition of the tire you are welcome to contact them at a district or national level and ask for assistance. That does not imply that Goodyear will make an adjustment if in fact they are unable to justify a workmanship or material defect.

Goodyear does not offer a road hazard warrantee so that will not affect the result. They are very good at making good on any tire that actually did have a defect they can find. I might add that once the tire has been runflat the inside is normally very ragged and will be very difficult to find any defect but if it is not runflat they will tell you the cause of the blowout.

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Tire Review: Goodyear American Eagle H2

by Fred Dougherty
(Oregon, coast)

Goodyear American Eagle Tire

Goodyear American Eagle Tire

This tire was a 60,000 mile tire life, well, as some of u know, a front wheel drive vehicle, wears them out quicker and tire rotation, is very critical with a front wheel drive car, to achieve the greatest milage from your tires.

When i purchased my tires, I was replacing factory tires, and the milage I got out them, was rt @ 40,000 miles. like you'd expect from a new car tire.

I went to a tire that had good ratings, so I thought, lol, but rt are so bald, that I need to replace them.

As far as performance and handling in all types of conditions, I rate them a 10 . The noise factor is low, I give that a 10 also, but wear factor I have to put them at a 3-4. I was very disappointed with them.

Now, WAL-MART is the exclusive dealer on this tire, it's made especially 4 them and the milage warranty, is honored by them according to GOODYEAR CORP. Well, that ought to be a kick n the pants, well see, lol. I'm willing to bet they find a reason, not to honor the warranty.

My best advice is hammer your tire dealer, hard, to Don't be a push over. Get all the warranty info b4 u buy.

I've found the Discounted Wheel Warehouse, to be the best in my opinion, They are helpful and prices and shipping way under most other dealers , online or off, even Tire Rack. Then tire rack includes shipping at no cost.

With a shipping charge added, Discounted Tire Warehouse is still less expensive hands down. Research , Research, Research will be your best friend in the end. Good luck shoppers!

reviewed by Fred Dougherty, proprietor
Freds Exotics Fabrications & Collision Repair

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Tire Reviews: Goodyear Wrangler

by robert stevenson
(cotton mn )

I bought two Goodyear Wrangler 235/75/r15 105s tires for my half ton Chevy truck.

Three weeks later and 1000 miles hit a pothole in the road. Wasn't going but thirty-five mph. The side wall blew out. I did not have road hazard insurance as I only bought two and could not get it. It Was disappointing as I had to buy another again not being able to purchase road hazard insurance.

Editorial Comment:

Yes it is always a great shock when you buy something new and because of something which is of no fault of the product, you suffer a loss.

It is a standard practice to only sell road hazard insurance when 4 new tires are installed, and I suppose we could argue until we are blue in the face about whether this should be different, but this is a fact we have to accept at this time.

There are several reasons, apart from being able to buy this kind of insurance, why it is sensible to replace all your tires at the same time, and if you have a program or regular rotation on your tires you should have them all wear at about the same rate so that they all need replacement at the same time.

So, even if you aren't interested in road hazard insurance, you might want to plan for replacing all 4 at one time the next time around. Here's a hint: If two still have more life in them, then keep one in the vehicle as a spare, and store the other one at home as a spare-spare.


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Jul 16, 2011
Your Goodyear Tire
by: Wheels Etc

I agree with you that the warranty should have been offered on each tire when they were sold. I have been a dealer for 40 years and have never heard of any connection between warranty and the number of tires involved in the sale. For sure they will not replace all four tires if you have a road hazard claim on a single tire. Your issue is with the dealer and not Goodyear. As you have been told the road hazard claim is a result of an accident not anything to do with the manufacturing of the tire or the material used in it. In light of that it is not too late to contact your vehicle insurer. If you have collision coverage you may find the cost of the tire including mounting and balancing is greater than the normal deductible and you should receive some compensation for the amount above the deductible. Remember you chose the amount of the deductible.
Personally I like the tire you chose and think you will receive very good service from them over several years depending on the miles you drive.

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Tire Review: Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S

I have had one problem after another with Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S tires. Anything from cupping, loud noise, uneven wear and most disturbing constant damage to my car rims. I have had to replace 5 rims and 8 tires over the course of a year and a half.

The tire store never informed me of a silent recall, nor offered to replace any of them for free.

I am not a wealthy woman, but yet a middle aged widow with very little means...and I mean very little means.

The tire store could care less how much this financially affects me. Today I plan to get some sort of remedy.

Although, past experience tells me, I’ll have to put out more money. They say, it is always my fault that I have had to hit a chuck hole or something really hard to crack the rim or damage the tire. This simply is not true. Running over a patch in the road or barely going over a speed bump is all you have to do to cause damage.

I believe the sidewall weakens over time; whereby, it doesn't take much to crack the rim or blow out the tire.

Editorial Comment:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but from the way you have described the issues you've had with your tires, I'd be inclined to agree with the dealer that the damages you've suffered were caused by improper use or poor maintenance.

But let's try to prevent this from happening again and again by explaining a bit about what is happening.

To begin with, damage to your rims is not ever going to be caused by your tires. They are most likely to be damaged by hitting something with considerable force, or possibly by running against the curb, rocks, projections, etc.

Possibly, if your tires are under inflated, some damage to the rims can occur because the tires are not doing their job of separating the rims from the road.

Also, sidewalls do not generally weaken just by getting old or being used UNLESS the tire is under inflated. An under inflated tire will cause the tire to flex too much, this flexing creates heat and the heat is what weakens the tire and the sidewall.

If you drive even a fairly short distance without enough air in a tire you can completely destroy that tire, can cause damages to the rim. Or if the tire is not completely flat, the heat build up can cause the air inside the tire to expand so much that the tire explodes or "blows out".

Incredible as it sounds, the cause of many blow outs is low tire pressure, not too much.

Tires will lose pressure by themselves just through the natural permeability of the rubber compounds. For this reason you need to inspect your tires at least once a month to check the pressure. Other things, too, can cause a pressure loss -- perhaps not enough for the tire to look "flat" but enough to cause heat damage to the rubber in the tire even in short slower drives in the city.

If you are a person who is concerned about economizing, then you need to educate yourself on the minimal maintenance and care that you need to do on your vehicle ... and one of those things which we preach over and over again on this web site is use proper tire pressure!

I hope this information helps you avoid more of the same problems.


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Mar 29, 2011
Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S Sidewall issue
by: hebegb

I used to be a certified mechanic so I do pretty well when it comes to understanding tire and issues related to them.
However, I'm posting this to see if anyone else has run into sidewall "popping" on Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S. I've got a 2003 RS6 and these are the tires that were on it when I purchased it used 2 years ago. I would estimate the tread is about 20% worn, and the wear pattern is flat and even.
I have now replaced three front tires in the last year. One I can attribute to a wheel issue which probably caused premature failure. The other two were both sidewall bubbles.
Has anyone else encountered any issues with these tires?

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Tire Review: Goodyear Eagle GT 2

by Steve
(Gulfport, MS)

I have Goodyear Eagle GT 2 tires mounted on my 1993 Buick Roadmaster Limited. At seventy thousand miles I had to replace both front tires because of wear. Had I replaced the tierod ends and ball joints when I should have, the front tires would have lasted longer.

The rear tires have almost eighty thousand miles on them, and have many more miles left.

The tires handle well, ride nice, are quiet, and reasonable priced. I have been a Goodyear tire fan for years, and have always received good service from them.

They may be more expensive then some other models and brands, but where family safety is a consideration, I feel that you should get the very best you can. Tires and brakes are not an area that you should shop by price alone.

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Tire Reviews: Goodyear Eagle Authority (Walmart)

by Andy
(Jonesboro, AR. 72401)

Less than 2000 miles into my 50,000 mile warranty, one of the 4 new tires began to feel out of balance. I stopped on the side of the road and noticed the left rear tire had developed knots around the perimeter of the sidewall at 1 inch intervals, and was losing air.

I made it to a tire store 1/4 mile away, where the tire lost the remainder of its air. The manager at the tire store pointed out the knots at consistent intervals along the sidewall, and expressed concern about how the tire was separating and whether the others would do the same

Wal-Mart says: "SINCE I DID NOT PURCHASE THE EXTRA WARRANTY FROM THEM", Wal-Mart policy falls into place and returns of any used tires or snow tires of ANY condition, will not be accepted, and the associate stated I just "have to buy new ones..."

Editorial Comment:

From the description of the tire you've given I would suspect that there might be a defect in the tire itself which was not caused by a road hazard. In this case, the Walmart extra warranty would not apply, but the tire manufacturer's warranty against tire defects.

Of course, on seeing the tire my opinion could change.

As to the comment of the tire store which you visited, I fail to see how either a tire defect or some damage on one tire would put the other tires into danger of failing also. Tire defects very seldom come in bunches and road hazards also tend to only affect one tire at a time.

Have your damaged tire inspected by someone who is in a position to determine whether or not it may be covered under the Goodyear warranty for tire or manufacturing quality.


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Sep 24, 2012
Defective Tires
by: Sue G

I also purchased 4 new Goodyear Eagle Authority tires. After having them rotated, I thought my car needed an alignment due to the car pulling to the left and vibration in the steering wheel. It turned out I had one bad tire. Went to WalMart and even though the tires had less than 5000 miles, I had to purchase a new one b/c I did not take out a 'warranty'. The new tire did not make any difference, so I took my car to the dealership for an alignment. Still, pulling to the left and vibration. Took my car back to the dealership and was told I had a defective tire. So, that means I will have to purchase another tire - six tires in three months! Is there a recall on Goodyear Eagle Authority tires? I have already spent $750 and am not looking forward to spending more money. What next? Will I have to replace the remaining two tires???

Editorial Comment:

If your tires are all carefully inspected you may be lucky and discover that you only need to replace the one which was defective.

You were not very precise in your description of what happened and when, along with times and distance driven, but it sounds like you may have had one defective tire which caused most of your problems.

The cause, if it was a manufacturing defect, might be covered by the tire maker, but some of these defects can be caused by things which happen in driving which many companies call "road hazards" You can purchase insurance to cover you in these events but they are an extra cost. It seems that you didn't have this, so unless you can provide conclusive evidence that the tire was actually defective because it wasn't made right, you're not likely to get any satisfaction from the manufacturer.


Jul 28, 2011
Spare tire
by: Andy Simpson

Ha! My father asked the same question.

I must say that, while pulling in to the Gateway Tire Store driveway, I was thanking my lucky stars the sidewall started coming apart within a quarter mile of that establishment.

When the Gateway manager said the tire was irreparable and I needed a new one, I gave little thought to the alleged spare (having never seen it). However, as I purchased the car new, I am sure it is there.

None the less, I never gave a thought to the spare, just getting a replacement for the Goodyear and getting to work. However, spare would only have gotten me to a Wal-Mart with none in stock...LOL! Thanks again for the advice TG.

Jul 27, 2011
Follow -up
by: Andy Simpson

The conversation with Wal-Mart took place over the phone, with no matching tires in stock, leaving me stranded at a Gateway Tire Store in Paragould, Arkansas.
I ended up calling a different Wal-Mart Representative 20 miles away, who told me they also had no stock.
Still stranded, needing a matching tire, I had the Gateway Tire people take off all four Wal-Mart Goodyear Eagle Authority tires, and put on 4 new TOYO Extensa HP Tires. The manager knew I was in a pickle and put them on for less than $300.00, total. Heckuva Guy.

I ended up at the wal-Mart where I bought the tires, and one tech stated "these tires have been run flat, no doubt about it" I assured the manager they had not, that I watched the one tire finally go flat in a parking lot. Long story short, I pointed out that none of the tires showed any wear when measured for tread depth.

A different Tire Manager (who looked strangely like Kid Rock), was kind enough to take a look at the tires, agreed with me and promptly issued a refund (even though he didn't have to. ANOTHER scholar and a gentleman.

Editorial Comment:

I hope from this experience that you haven't sworn off all Goodyear tires, because of your experience. I'm certain that if you had a defective tire, which are very rare, and it had been seen by a person who was authorized to make adjustments by Goodyear, that you would have had the tire replaced with no argument.

Possibly, you felt in a desperate situation and went to a non-Goodyear shop, so you were faced with making a choice between following their advice or being stranded.

I'm happy for you that the Walmart manager agreed to settle the issue without any further squabbling, the only question that comes into mind is why you didn't put on the spare tire and then head to the nearest Walmart tire center to have them deal with the problem.


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goodyear eagle 245 r45 17

by john

The tire I'm reviewing is goodyear eagle 245 r45 17 ...I got these tires in .6/30/2010. They were installed on pontiac vibe.
Since then I have used them mostly general plus trips high speed to 1750 miles to arizona also some gravel road driving 10x a year... Unusual or important exceptions
to my normal driving were mostly short trips 3 long trips.. (none, or describe accidents, storms, special trips with different roa

Until now I have put on
about .34000 in 3 years.. tires rotated twice a year and alingment check yearly.
Also check air 3 4 times year
I would describe my experience
with these tires ... handily is good, a little noisy .
y feeling about using these same tires again is they wear too fast 30,000 mils. My recommendation to anyone else thinking about buying them is they should last longer

My final thoughts and wrap up about these tires ... I didn"t keep all four tires the same brand. had blow out on highway have one different brand tire .

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