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 Some people think of the tires which are used on golf carts as miniature versions of the tires used on their cars, and in many ways they're right.  However, there are some distinct differences simply because they are made for a different use.  This article will help clarify this and highlight some of the differences.

Different tires

golf car tireThe most obvious difference is that golf cart tires are mainly used on grassy surfaces instead of roads.  This means that they need not be designed to withstand the high speeds, high temperatures and abuse which an auto tire receives, but it doesn't mean that they are without dangers.  A discarded golf tee can puncture the tire on a cart as easily as a nail or a broken bottle can damage a car tire.  In fact, being careless about retrieving used or broken tees presents a greater hazard to other cart operators, than almost anything.

Different procedures

golf cart tireYou'll not normally find tires for a golf cart sold or serviced at an automotive tire dealer.  The equipment for mounting and un-mounting these tires is not the same as for a car or pickup truck.  In spite of that, today there are a number of places which offer these tires via the Internet and, unlike car tires it is not uncommon to purchase a new tire already mounted and installed on a wheel.

Unique tread

golf cart tireCertain tread designs of cart tires are uni-directional, meaning that they are intended to rotate in only one direction to produce the best results.  While it might not be dangerous to run them in the opposite direction, you would probably lose the benefit of increased traction which they are intended to provide.

Amerityre has developed a flatfree golf cart tire which does not require inflation and weighs less than half of the weight of an air-filled model.

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