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How being financially fit will help you get rich, stay rich or just live a comfortable life.

Do you want to learn the simple habits that can make you financially fit?

Dear Friend,

Today it often seems like you're just struggling to survive from one pay check to the next.

I can still recall my first job when I used to have nothing but lettuce sandwiches to eat in the  last two or three days before payday.  My first attempt to improve my situation was to buy 10 or 12 packages of macaroni and cheese (because they were the cheapest easy-to-fix food I could find) as soon as I got paid and hide them in the back of the closet 'til next payday came near.

Fortunately I learned some very simple financial habits that I started to apply when I was still quite young.  These habits have allowed me to live without debt, without paying crippling interest charges, to change jobs when I wanted to, to write a check without funds and get my bank to loan me the money to pay the check, to travel and to largely live my life the way I wanted.

I called my system Financial Fitness, and I've put together a guide that will show you how to do what I did with one important difference: you won't have to struggle through making new habits with the tricks I will teach you.  These are the same tricks I used myself, but when I started I had to learn these tricks and struggle with many setbacks because I didn't have someone to show me how to make these new habits stick.






If you are, read on and I'll tell you about an important e-book that will teach you one of the most critical aspects of taking better care of yourself. "Financial Fitness" is all about setting the right habits in your every-day life to make your finances work for you instead of being a continual struggle.



Financial fitness is just like physical fitness.  It's good for everyone.  Just like you don't need to be a powerful football player to be physically fit, you don't need to be wealthy to be financially fit.  In fact, financial fitness will help you STAY wealthy if you started out that way or BECOME wealthy if that's what you're intending to do.

In fact, it doesn't matter:

  • how much you earn,
  • what you own,
  • your occupation,
  • how old you are,
  • your level of education,
  • the kind of life you live,
  • or even whether or not you work.


With the right habits you feel like you can fly through your life. You can achieve your goals and ambitions in the most effort-free, efficient way possible.

In this comprehensive, all-in-one guide, you will learn:

chk What vital habits do you need to be financially fit?  See Page 18
chk How habits are formed  What do you need to know to change bad habits into good ones? See Page 15
chk What is the biggest obstacle to being financially fit? Financial Fitness will guide you to identifying that and eliminating it from your life.  
chk Who really owns your income?  Take a hard, cold look at the facts and you may be surprised at what you learn See Page 22
chk Basic tricks to start new habits. Two simple formats which you can adapt to your own life and circumstances See Page 23
chk What if wanting to, isn't enough? A variety of incentive plans are available to "sweeten the deal" and make the effort more enticing. See Page 27
chk How can your employer help? Maybe you weren't aware of how much your employer can help, but several plans are often open, if you only know what to ask for. See Page 30
chk How to live without debt. The biggest drain on your financial health is debt of the wrong kind. See Page 35
chk Double your standard of living, without any increase in earnings. Sound unbeleivable ... it won't seem so strange after you see ... See Page 37
chk The secrets of using credit cards to help you. Learn how simple techniques to turn a credit card into a useful tool rather than a drain on your vitality See Page 41
chk What to do when you go astray. You don't have to be perfect for the system to work See Page 46
chk Mortgages and other long term debts. Understanding the basics of these can save you considerable cash See Page 52
chk  Do you have a game plan for sudden good fortune?  It's not enought to have a plan to take care of misfortune, we need to plan for good fortune too See Page 55
chk What to do with your excesses. That's our whole objective, so when you get them, then what? See Page 58
chk The only two ways to make money with money. The options for earning money are often dressed in different guises, but there are only two.  Do you know what they are?  You'll find them ... See Page 61
chk How to earn high income with low risk. Usually high income requires you to take high risks, but there's one special situation where you can name your rate of return and control the risk yourself.  See Page 66
chk The truth about savings. Certain facts about savings are not commonly revealed.  You'll be profitably wiser when you know them. See Page 74

Unlock the Secrets to Financial Fitness - Your Family Will Thank You For It!

Financial Fitness breaks it all down for you in easy to read pieces. Now there'll be no more mystery in being financially fit, with this simple guide you can apply EACH principle to your daily life to improve your financial health.

Why suffer on needlessly? Start today to incorporate healthy habits in your daily routine and you'll soon start  to truly enjoy life and the time you spend with your loved ones.

Is This Going To Cost An Arm And A Leg?

There are tons of financial advice available and some of it will cost you a fortune. And you know what?  After you've spent a small fortune to learn the latest "secret" you're going to have to risk more money to try and make it work!

Not so with Financial Fitness!  I guarantee you won't have to spend a single cent more and you won't have to risk anything to start the benefits coming to you.

 Financial Fitness  will probably be the greatest bargain that you'll ever find.  Page per page, word for word, this guide will easily return to you hundreds or thousands of times your investment when you begin to use the simple practical information it contains.

So, what do you say? Isn't it time to program a few minutes of good reading into your busy routine to ensure you're using the best financial vitamins and mineral supplements around? A few minutes now will be an investment that will serve you for the rest of your life!

Say NO to hidden drains on your finances
Say NO to paying and paying and still being in debt
Say NO to running on a financial treadmill 


chk Say YES to starting on a solid financial fitness program
chk Say YES to learning the simple habits that will make you fit
chk Say YES to becoming financially independent

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