Extra Weight Causes Rubbing

Extra Weight Causes Rubbing

2002 Hyundai Accent

2002 Hyundai Accent

Why do I hear my tires rubbing when I put things in the trunk of my 2002 Hyundai Accent, or when I am turning a corner.

My tire size is 205/40ZR17.

About Rubbing When Carrying Extra Weight

To begin it might be worth noting that the OEM tire size for the 2002 Hyundai Accent was 175/70R13, with optional sizes up to R17 being available.

Generally, when a larger rim is installed, the Aspect Ratio, which is the second number in the Tire Size, goes down so that the overall tire diameter stays the same. It also results in an appearance which some drivers prefer over the higher tires.

In your case the actual tire is 3.58% smaller than the OEM, which should give you an even greater degree of flexibility when you add weight to the rear of the car. But, the 17 inch tires are 30mm wider, and this may be a part of what is causing the rubbing, particularly when turning corners.

If this problem of rubbing is something that has only started to be evident recently, then there may be some other factor which is causing problems, You may have a problem in your suspension, like springs or damaged shock absorbers, for example. Also there might be some other mechanical or body issues if you have had any work done on the car or been involved any any sort of accident.

Check, too, your tire pressure to make sure that it is the correct amount for the tires you are using. If these tires were purchased as optional extras when it was new, you may have the correct pressure in a sticker on the driver's door post, inside the glove compartment lid, or check the operator's manual.

If your 17 inch wheels were added as an after-market change, it is possible that the offset might not be the best for this car and you might want to consult a specialist to look into this and consider making a change.

A final thought that comes to mind concerns the amount of weight you're putting in the trunk. You didn't specify how much it was, and it is possible that it is just too much for your vehicle, especially if you are already loaded up with all the passengers and other weight in the interior of the car.


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