by Michael
(Anoka, MN)

I can speak first hand that you will NEVER get even close to the mileage warranty they have on these tires. They are a low-grade tire, poor traction, and overall cheap. These tires are suited for as a last resort, a car with very high mileage etc. I understand tires are expensive. But give you have a 1/2 inch of rubber between you and the road, better to be safe than sorry!

Editorial Comment:

From the way you have written it would seem that you do not know that if your tires have a mileage warranty, then you are entitled to receive some compensation for getting less than the number of miles stated in the warranty as long as you met the requirements stated in the warranty. Did you even apply for benefits?

About the conclusions you have made: Do you drive in the same vehicle, the same weather, the same kind of roads, the same speed, etc. as MOST other drivers?

If you do, you are a miracle, but if you are honest and admit that your experiences are possibly unique, then your evaluation starts to make sense.

To be helpful, why didn't you tell us more about the roads,
the vehicle, the traffic, the speeds, and other conditions which apply to your case? If you did, and they are similar to those which another reader would expect, then your experience might be useful to them.

As it stands, all you have done is let off steam in a rant about a poor experience which you haven't even given us the most minimal idea of what happened. We don't know how long these tires were used, what kind of failure you experienced,
not even what kind of vehicle. As far as I can tell you might have mounted them on a horse-cart and used them to haul rocks through a lake of acid over a 14 year period. I know that's pretty far fetched, but your report doesn't give even one fact that would negate any of what I've just described.


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