Douglas Xtra-Trac and Douglas All Season

Douglas Xtra-Trac and Douglas All Season

by Daniel A.
(North Dakota)

The first time I dealt with Douglas tires was in 2007. I had a pair of Douglas A.W. tires put on my car. They were considerably better than the tires they replaced, especially since one of the cords in one tire had slipped and had a very noticeable bounce.

I ran that pair for several months, then needed to replace the other 2 as well. Unfortunately the size I had on the car had become discontinued, P175/85r13. It happens and I wasn't too upset, because my uncle had the same car junked out with 4 good rims in a 14 inch, which were the optional size for my car and the tire size was still available.

We switched rims and I had 4 new tires installed. (I did go with the Goodyear Viva 2 tires that Walmart also sells to try them out. They were a bit more expensive.)

Later on I bought a minivan with Douglas Xtra-Trac P205-75r14 tires installed. I ran those tires for several years and they were great. I did get a second set of rims for that van as well and also had a set of Goodyear Viva 2's installed on them. I ran the Viva 2's in summer and the Douglas Xtra-Trac's in winter.

Both sets did see use in the other season as well as the season I intended them for, but I really liked the Douglas over the Viva 2 on the van. They seemed to ride a bit more sure on the van. The Viva's tended to follow the grooves in the highway and gave a slightly vague handling, however it was noticeably less with a couple more pounds psi in the tires. The van's door placard showed 35 psi, but the newer vans showed 36. I ran between 36 and 37 in the tires and the Vivas then had no problems. But overall the Douglas were my preferred between the 2 models.

The Xtra-Trac tires are now also discontinued and Walmart has the new All Season tires as their replacement. I have a new set of All Seasons on the van which I'm going to use year around as the tires are intended for. The Viva 2 is also discontinued and replaced with the Viva 3 All Season but they don't have my size in the Viva 3.

I like the ride on the new Douglas but time will tell how they operate.

Overall, I've been extremely happy with the Douglas tires I've had. They are a real value and you get better than you pay for, plus any warranty on the tires is good at ANY Walmart nationwide. Walmart's are everywhere.
The Douglas All Season does get my personal 2 thumbs up.

Not that it's any intention to sway anyone's choice but I've also been working at Walmart as a Tire and Lube Technician for 10 years. So I've had considerable experience with all the tires Walmart carries, and as a Tech, they still get my recommendation.

Editorial Comment:

Without a doubt some readers will consider what you've written as being biased because of your disclosure that you work at Walmart.

I'd like to suggest to these people that your good experience has been enhanced by the fact that you are a Tire Technician and likely give a bit more care and attention to the maintaining the suitable pressure and attending to any problems before they become serious. Even if you are not consciously doing so, just being aware of these things gives you a head start over others who don't ever give a second thought to their tires until they have a flat or some other problem.

I would hope that in the course of doing your work you help to educate people in the simple basics that they can do to improve their tire experience no matter what brand they install.

Thanks for sharing.


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