Douglas (Walmart) - 'Service Dept'

Douglas (Walmart) - 'Service Dept'

by Al P

This is less about the actual product than it is about the service affiliated with that product (I see this has been alluded to in some of the prior reviews, so I'm merely confirming the obvious). I've had Douglas tires on another vehicle for a few years now, very satisfied. get new Douglas tires mounted on another vehicle (Product Loyalty. See?)'s not so automatic. Even tho I was first in line this morning, ended up leaving after nearly an hour.

Hard to get any service when it appears that there's a mutiny afoot (no 'techs' showed up for work). lol

I don't think it's the fault of the low-level folks, tho the svc mgr there is definitely lacking in the requisite skills as a mgr. I believe the problem stems from the corp vision on down to the stores, with ridiculous performances pressures handed down, without commensurate remuneration for all levels of employees. That many of these folks req. govt assistance as a supplement to their income is an indication.

"You get what you pay for." For tire buyers...this is something to be factored into your decision. We're not just dealing with commodities, even though at the lower price points, it's tempting to think in terms of just price and not the overall package.]

Got better tires elsewhere, in and out in 10 minutes on a Sat. morning, and saved some money in the process. I lucked out. Time will tell, of course.

Editorial Comment:

While you were able to let off a bit of steam here, what you've told us could have been more useful if you had told us the exact store or even the location.

Possibly, this situation is not the same in all locations and your conclusions about the attitude of the corporate philosophy may only be your personal opinion unless we can see this same situation repeated in a variety of situation and locations.


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