Douglas tire

Douglas tire

by Steve Brown
(Uniontown, pa)

I only have 5000 miles on my Douglas tires. Yesterday I had to replace the tire, as I had a pinhole on the side wall!! My review from 0 to 10, is a BIG fat 0.

Editorial Comment:

Do you honestly believe that a pin-hole will appear in a tire after being used for 5000 miles because the manufacturer messed up?

Even if there had been a tiny defect when the tire left the factory, it would have become evident almost as soon as pressure was put in the tire to use it. These things don't wait weeks or months to appear. And even if they did, what about the other 3 tires (along with thousands more that other customers bought)? Do they all --or even a large percentage of them-- show similar problems? If you give those tires just normal care I'd be willing to bet that they're going to give you satisfactory service for the rest of their useful life.

Ask anyone who works with tires how common it is for a tire to have to be replaced because of a pinhole sized hole in the sidewall. Virtually any tire tech will likely tell you that ANY tire with sidewall puncture needs to be replaced. It doesn't matter what the brand is.

Think about it. You paid a lower price and got a tire that may not have all the quality controls, all the customer service, and the highest quality and most long-lasting materials ... but this is why your price was lower.

Are you prepared to pay at least 20% or higher for tires to avoid the repetition of a problem that would have the same outcome even if you buy the most expensive brand available? This is choice you would be making.


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