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The internet is a gold mine for anyone searching for discount wheels, discount auto parts, discount tires and even racing wheels and rims. You can pay a big price for the right set of wheels for your vehicle, so it makes sense to search for the best deal. And the internet is the best place to start.

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However, it's not like buying a book or a pair of joggers on Ebay, how can you be sure you're dealing with someone you can trust?

The simple way to do this is to do your homework and spend a few weeks researching the various dealers. Try typing an organization's name into Google and see if anything negative comes up. Likewise check some of the notice boards online and look for feedback.

Finding an Honest Wheel Seller

Some people fear that the internet has spawned a whole new species of shady operators, but I believe they were already there and -- like the rest of us they're just using the new technology.  In fact, I think the web has actually made it easier for consumers to smoke out unscrupulous characters and spread the word on those who have acted in bad faith.

Besides using the internet search engines, there are some specific sites which can help you weed out the  contrepreneurs) that are lurking out there just waiting to separate you from your money. Try doing a search for the company name at the web site of the Better Business Bureau where they operate. Also doing a search at, or, which are two of several sources of complaints available on the web.  I'm speaking from experience, if I'd done my homework I'd be several thousand dollars ahead of the game as I outline in my blog on contrepreneurs.

Don't deal with companies that haven't earned the kudos of the consumers out there. Frankly, a small time operator will find it hard to better the deals of trusted online traders like Tire Rack and America's Tire, so stick to the big guns unless you're absolutely certain you're on a winner with a new player.

To be fair, at some time the Tire Racks and Discount Tire superstores were fresh faced new starters, too.

What's on Offer Online?

Chrome wheels seem to fall in and out of favor as fads come and go, but there are many of us who always likes the "chrome" look. Custom wheels and exotics can be expensive so many people just stick to what's on offer in the mainstream market. Let's face it, nothing makes a car look smoking' hot like a big set of wheels, but we all need money to eat, too.

Then again, if you don't eat much I guess you can throw caution to the wind and live it up.

Discount Wheels and Tires

You'll probably get a better deal if you purchase your rims and tires at the same time from the same place. They'll usually include shipping, mounting and balancing in the costs and many online traders have deals with local tire shops, so you can buy online and have them shipped to your door. From there, it's a matter of driving to your local tire shop to have those slick-looking new wheels mounted.

Some of the really good online traders even have some excellent features built into their websites that enable you to select your car model and then view what certain wheels will look like when mounted to a car similar to yours.


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