Discount Tire Stores use Social Networking and E-Commerce

To be both a leader and an innovator is no easy task, but Discount Tire Stores seem to make the grade ...


By Karl Drew, an Australian-based business writer with 20 years experience in entertainment, transport and security.

Discount Tire Stores claim that it is the world's largest independent tire and wheel retailer. It's come a long way from when its founder, Bruce Halle, started in 1960 with aportable air tank which he refilled at a local gas station because he didn't have an air compressor of his own.

Now, Discount Tire (a.k.a. America's Tire in Oregon and some parts of California) has more than 750 stores in 21 states. The website servicing Discount Tire Stores is full of information about tires, wheels and store locations, as well some helpful information about air pressure, repairing tires, selecting the right tires, speed ratings, using treadwear ratings, tire pressure monitoring systems, winter tires, tire balancing, tire rotation, trailer tire facts, wheel alignment and lots more.

Discount Tire Stores, America's Tire and the RMA Work Together

Discount Tire Stores, America's Tire Stores and the Rubber Manufacturer's Association have an established history working together for the annual National Tire Safety Week.

National Tire Safety Week is a national effort to educate motorists about the four essential elements of tire maintenance including tire pressure, wheel alignment, tire rotation and tread. During the week, Discount Tire/ Americas Tire offered free tire safety inspections at its 750-plus stores.

Reuters reported that improper tire care causes 33,000 injuries and over 600 fatalities annually on U.S. roads.  Also, 1.2 billion gallons of fuel could be saved each year if U.S. motorists weren't driving on under-inflated tires.

Discount Tire also provided the support of David Ragan, NASCAR Nationwide Series driver, to the RMA for its campaign. Ragan drives the No. 6 Discount Tire Ford Fusion with Roush Fenway Racing, and is featured in the RMA's public service announcement about the importance of maintaining proper tire inflation pressure.

Maintaining tire inflation pressure is one of the most important things motorists could do to improve safety and get improved durability from tires.  Improperly inflated tires can cause decreased steering and braking control in addition to excessive tire wear and even fuel consumption. And with the volatile prices of oil in the world, everyone is concerned about fuel consumption.

The RMA initially launched National Tire Safety Week in April 2002 and Discount Tire has been involved in the initiative since its beginning. At the discount tire's website, customers can research, order and make an appointment for service.  For more information about the RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) and their tire safety partners, visit

Even Tire Retailers Catch the Twitter Bug

Twitter isn't just for teenage girls and celebrities that marry Demi Moore. Discount Tire/America's Tire use Twitter to inform their clients up about special deals and information relating to their stores. 

For the uninitiated, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service. Users send and read messages displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to subscribers. Users can send and receive messages via the Twitter website, SMS or external applications.

In somewhat of a surprise, Wikipedia states that most of Twitter's users are older adults rather than teenagers. It was used by various candidates during the 2008 presidential campaign, the British Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Iranian presidential election, as well as many other situations. Even by NASA.

And Facebook, Too

Discount Tire Stores / America's Tire Stores also use Facebook to promote their organization.

Social networking site Facebook has been in hot competition with MySpace for multiplatform functionality for some time by associating itself with a myriad of partners including, Microsoft and Slide in order to integrate commercial Web sites with Facebook and provide organizations like Discount Tire with new avenues to reach its clients.

This all came some time after the Facebook network was just a community aimed solely at students. Now, Facebook is fast becoming an icon of modern day social interaction.

Working out the Language of Rubber at Discount Tire Stores

Here's a bit of a primer of some of the more common tires and their features which you'd likely find offered.

AP or All Purpose tires are original equipment on many vehicles due to their smooth, quiet highway ride and good all-season traction.

Discount Tire sell a range of AP type tires that can feature:

  •  All-season tread designs and full-depth siping
  •  Quiet, stable highway ride
  •  A range of sizes (from 14- to 17-inches), and load capacities
  •  Compounds that emphasize good wear
  •  40,000 miles of service


Sport Truck tires bring improved handling to the truck and SUV marketplace.

Sport Truck tires can include the following features:

  •  All-season tread designs
  •  Wheel sizes up to 26-inch diameter
  •  Standard and reinforced load capacities
  •  Speed ratings up to Z (149+ mph)


All Terrain tires are a step up in off-road traction from the AP designs, however,  they will not be as quiet and smooth on the highway.

Discount Tire's range of All Terrain tires can include the following features:

  •  Tread design with larger blocks
  •  Ply ratings that range from four-ply to twelve-ply ratings
  •  Mud and Snow rating
  •  Designs that wear longer and ride more quietly


Mud Terrain designs are for off-road traction and typically for those whose hobby or business requires the ultimate grip in mud, sand, rocks, or any possible off-road condition.

Mud Terrain tires can include the following features:

  •  Tread designs that feature the largest possible block sizes
  •  Sizes that range up to the very tallest and widest available
  •  Tread compounds with silica added to stiffen the blocks


Winter tires for cars and minivans are available for a wide range of drivers and vehicle types.

Modern winter tires feature:

  •  Tread designs that balance a smooth, quiet ride
  •  Advanced design in tread compounds
  •  Superior snow and ice traction without the need for studs
  •  Additional siping
  •  Q, S or T speed rating for the everyday driver


There are also winter tires designed for performance vehicles

Performance winter tires can include:

  •  H speed rating or higher
  •  Directional and asymmetrical tread design which increase performance traction
  •  Special tread compounds
  •  Additional siping
  •  Sizes up to 18 in wheel diameters


Hopefully now, a trip to your Discount Tire Store or another dealer will be less confronting now that you're a bit more informed. In fact, why not enhance your tire knowledge even further by looking at these articles, then you can really arrive prepared.  If you'd like to shop for tires or other accessories on line you can find them at Discount Tire.



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