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TIRE GUYWhat is Discount Tire Direct? Part 1

Discount Tire Direct is the mail order operation of Discount Tire Company and America's Tire Company. While you can access Discount Tire and America's Tire via, Discount Tire Direct is available at the web address,

There doesn't seem to be any link available so users can hop between the two sites and this is my main criticism of this service. With so many clients already aware and making use of it would seem to make sense to give those clients access to the mail order site.

Discount Tire Direct offers to ship your tires to you and arrange for an installer they recommend. They also provide wheels and suspension upgrades (suspension being something not offered at for some reason).

The two sites share the same information center, which is full of articles to help you with things like basic maintenance and ways to prolong the life of your tires. The articles are good but the depth of information doesn't come close to the articles offered by competitor

Is Buying Tires On Line Sensible

Ok, so most of us probably just put off buying a new set of tires for our vehicle until the last minute, but the old excuse of not having enough time to visit a tire store is wearing a bit thin thanks to the internet.

It's almost become instinct now to check on line when considering any type of purchase. Even if you have no intension of buying on line, many of us do our research through the web because of the wealth of information available. Heck, at the very least it makes more sense than listening to a poorly informed sales clerk!

If the internet is short of anything, it's definitely NOT opinionated people expounding their thoughts and experiences. The vast amount of blogs and notice boards with advice and past experiences is overwhelming with the language frank and sometimes colorful to say the least.

Why Buy On Line ?

There are a lot of people buying tires on line, many are purchasing specialty market tires that aren't being stocked at the major outlets in their area. This trend is increasing because of the changing marketplace and the attention the retail giants give to the biggest selling tire lines.

As the discounters get bigger, all of their purchasing power goes into getting those most popular lines that sell like hotcakes. That means stocking more of those tires and less of the niche market tires that don't sell as much.

On line retailers like Discount Tire Direct and their competitor, Tire Rack, are becoming more popular because of this trend. They are able to cater to the needs of a growing niche marketplace that is willing to search for what they need.

The other side of the coin is that the salespeople in today's tire stores are more like check out clerks, armed with just enough knowledge to get by with the help of their computers. Many consumers are frustrated with this trend and it's another reason consumers are looking on line for information.

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