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So you've had a good look through the Discount Tire Direct site. You've played around with the interactive wheel system which will show you how your vehicle will look with different types of wheels. Maybe you've taken advantage of the Discount Tire Co. CarCareOne Card available at either or Maybe you've downloaded their complete catalog and considering something else from their range. Maybe you're considering suspension.

Lowering or Raising Your Vehicle for a Tougher Stance and Better Ride

Discount Tire Direct sells a huge range of suspension upgrades. They have a kit for just about any purpose and you may be impressed by the selection.

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If you own a light truck, ATV or similar, you might be considering suspension upgrades to better suit the conditions you encounter. Perhaps you want extra clearance to negotiate rocks or mud. Perhaps you're more into looks and sound and want to lower your truck to make it look street tough- then put in a killer sound system and that sort of thing.

Similarly, you might be the proud owner of a classic car or modern performance vehicle you feel needs a tougher stance for aesthetics and better cornering capability. Maybe you're a drag racer and need suspension that gets all your horsepower to the road with less wheel spin than a conventional setup.

Buying suspension on line or via a conventional magazine mail order is nothing new. The savings are real because the retailer doesn't have to hire staff and lease a shop front. However, having a new suspension installed is a much bigger step than mounting a new set of wheels or fitting a cold air intake to your car. There's more chance that things can go wrong.

There is a real chance of unsatisfactory outcomes with suspension upgrades when you have several players in the mix. Consider the following experience.

Tricked Up Subaru

I became acquainted with a person who had a tricked up Subaru, lowered with massive wheels and low profile rubber. It's got all the other good stuff with a stereo, Playstation and DVD screens so the passengers can keep themselves entertained. The factory turbo engine has been turned into a fire-breathing animal that whistles and gurgles like the Tasmanian Devil off the old Looney Tunes comics.

Yet, he's had a lot of grief with the suspension. No matter how many times he rotates the tires or plays with pressures he only gets around 5000 miles from a set of tires. Part of the problem is the way he drives, and he admits it, but even on long drives where he can't throw the beast into corners, the tires wear unevenly and at an accelerated rate.

The suspension was purchased through mail order and fitted by a shop that is known for good work. But, when things went wrong nobody knew who was at fault. The company who supplied the suspension said it's the fault of the mechanic who installed it. The mechanic blames the supplier. The maker blames the big wheels and the supplier of the wheels says the others are just passing the buck. The whole thing just keeps going around and around in a circle.

Risk Avoidance

Can you avoid this kind of scenario?  Perhaps not, because when you enter the world of customizing your vehicle, you're entering uncharted territory. If you enjoy this kind of challenge, or really insist on having something made to your specifications, then you'd best be prepared for something unexpected to happen.

Possibly the "safest" way to do a suspension upgrade is to buy it from an experienced supplier who also installs it. This  might cost you a little extra upfront, but if it gives you an extra measure of security.

On the other hand, solving these kind of challenges is part of the fun of customizing a vehicle to be what you want it to be, instead of settling for a show-room version of the latest design.  As one US president once said:

And, hey, if you do decide to take on the challenge how 'bout putting up a photo of your creation and tell us all about it in our Tire Show Off area?  Below is a sample of what you might find there.  This is a photo I took in Miami in February, 2008.  I couldn't find the owner but I noted that it uses Kumho 305/30 R26 tires on custom made rims.  Cool!

Kumho 305/30 R26 tires on custom chrome rims

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