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So what can you get from Discount Tire Company and its extension, America's Tire Company? Well, of course, there's going to be discount tires and lots of them.

Will you get a good deal? I doubt they'd be as big as they are today if they weren't doing something right and from all reports the savings are definitely there. Still, it never hurts to shop around and see if there's a special offer that interests you.

Discount Tire Company

The company's other big stock item is wheels and I could get lost in the range. What's on the showroom floor will vary from store to store, but the Discount Tire Company (or America's Tire Company if you're in one of those other states) has loads of tires and wheels to choose from. If you want, you can use their website at to see what each location has in stock.

What's the Difference Between and

The on line mail order operation, has even more products available, but I was surprised to see that the company website (found via gets more visits than the one dedicated to on line ordering. In fact, the web information source, Alexa, estimates that the company's website gets around twice as much traffic as the on line mail order site.

The internet traffic estimator,, has figures available for Discount Tire / America's Tire and Discount Tire Direct sites. Quantcast's estimations reveal these sites have similar demographics to that of its big rival Tire Rack . However, even when the traffic of Discount Tire/ America's Tire and Discount Tire Direct are all combined, they still don't reach even half the tremendous traffic Tire Rack gets.assistant at tire information world 

At both Discount Tire sites you'll find a lot of very helpful articles located in the info center. These articles seem to be the standard across all good tire sites, but there's no sign of the depth of information available at their competitor tire

I'm a little perplexed as to why there are two sites. I have to say I find the whole thing confusing and cannot understand why the sites have not been integrated into one. It would make a lot of sense, one heck of a good site and a lot less confusion. It would then enable the organization to create the sort of article depth available from tire and perhaps generate more sales from this.

Interesting Credit Options with CarCareOne

You can also apply for credit on line before you make a purchase. The CarCareOne card was of particular interest to me, I'm always wary of these type of offers and Discount Tire Co. offers its own variation of the card.

There are hidden traps with many card offers, but the CarCareOne card seems like a good option with bonuses like emergency roadside assistance, discounted movie tickets and more.

My personal preference is to use any credit card for the benefits it offers, but not for the credit.

If you choose to take the route of spreading out your payments, make sure you keep up your minimum repayments because the minute you fall behind you'll be subjected to additional charges which may completely wipe out any savings you might have achieved through getting a good deal at the beginning.


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