Discount Tire, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Discount Tire, Ann Arbor, Michigan

by Anon.
(Ann Arbor, Michigan)

I'm new to buying tires for cars and I felt cheated by Discount Tires. I'll warn anyone who decides to purchase tires from them with my experience with them.

I went to a discount tires branch in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Like all my first time purchases, I was talked into buying a set of 4 Falkan tires ($72 each) instead of 2 Barum tires ($52 each) we initially decided on since I'm offered $50 for trading in 2 of the old tires. BUT, the sales rep did not key in the $50 trade-in (MISTAKE #1).

I got the car back 50 mins later. When I got the car, it's kind of fishy since Barum is written on the tires. Didn't take it really seriously and went home but felt that the need to check again. To my horror, I found out that they are the cheaper Barum tires (MISTAKE #2).

I called in and ask them about Mistakes #1 and #2. After putting me on hold for a min, they told me to go back. So I drove 3 miles back. Here is the most horrible part. The sales rep had the cheek to tell me that the ones on my car are actually the same grade as the Falkans I'm supposed to have.

I had to insist that THEIR webpage showed that the Barums are $20 cheaper. This is the most dishonest part. Anyway, if we did not do a proper check, we would be paying $50 + 4 x $20 = $130 more when they happily deny any responsibilities...

Anyway, I'm really pissed at this point and demanded for the extra $30 discount (for changing a set of 4) I found on the website. So they gave me $160 back in all. I do understand that businesses can be protective of themselves and deceptive, but all these that they did to me is really horrible since they probably know that I'm new to this tire-changing thing.

Comment by Tireguy

This is the kind of report no serious tire dealer should ever get, but, unfortunately they do happen. Employees should be informed of all specials which are being offered and, if an error is made, I would personally like to see some kind of compensation made to the customer involved.

I'd hope that Discount tire has learned from this experience and has taken steps to avoid this kind of thing in the future.


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