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Purchasing discount rims can save you money, but is it a wise move to purchase them?

The rims on your car are vital to your safety and the handling ability of your car, should your car shudder, wobble, or if you have severe vibration, it's time to find the cause. If your inspection discovers the rims need to be replaced, discount rims are an option, but check out the discount rim store and the rims they sell.

The Basics

Remember one basic rule about business: All businesses are in business to make a profit. If you find some price that is extremely different from what competitive dealers ask, there's probably a good reason.

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When it comes to discount rims, make sure they're sound and not inferior rims. There are discount stores that offer rims at a discount price, when they really shouldn't be on a car at all. Look for cracks, weak spots, or possible defects causing difficulty sealing with a tire. Be sure you can return any discount rim package set, in case they're not acceptable.

Many discount rim sellers are honest merchants who will sell you good rims at a discount because they've been able to buy them at a good price, and perhaps they don't have a storefront or need to hold inventory for customers to peruse. Internet stores offer great opportunities to get good deals for the above reasons.

When it comes to shopping for discount rims, use your search engine, and study what you find. If you've found a set of rims you're interested in, run a few checks not only on the rims themselves, but also on the store. You can check with the Better Business Bureau, consumer affairs, the manufacturer, and look into the recall department; this research may save you from a purchase you later regret.

You may find prices that are not really discounted and comparison-shopping will help you find where the real bargains lie. Check on return policies, shipping, refunds and warrantees before you order, there may be added costs that increase the total you'll be spending.

Scratch And Dent

And of course, there are the legitimate discount rim vendors that have a section of perfectly usable rims they've offered at a discount, due to scratches or dents, which only affect the look of the wheel. This is a great way to get performance wheels with cosmetic flaws at a great price. And at times, the scratches or dents are hardly noticeable, go ahead and contact the stores selling the "scratch and dent" rims and ask for pictures of the flaws. You may indeed find a bargain with cosmetic flaws that are virtually invisible.

Wrap Up

When you are looking into discount rims, take the time to do your research. Comparison shop with other stores, check for added fees, look for flaws or inferior workmanship, and check with reporting agencies. And don't forget to check out the regular businessmen's "scratch and dent" section and the stores that offer discounts because they purchased in bulk or do not have high overhead.

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