Dirt track racing tires

Dirt track racing tires

by Doug
(Shelton Wa.)

Dirt track racing

Dirt track racing

I run in a class which has to be American made, front wheel drive, and nothing over a 3.8 motor.

The driver steers and the passenger runs the gas. I'm running an Oldsmobile with a 3.8.

My problem is it's so heavy in the front I keep blowing the front passenger side tire. We are running 195/60R/15 on the outside and 48psi for pressure.

Do you have any ideas on what we could do to fix the problem of blowing tires?

Editorial Comment:
You are participating in a classic American motor sport which can be a lot of fun to watch as well as participate in.

The first thing that comes to my mind in your situation is the high pressure which you're using for the tires. Of course, this might depend on the tire itself, but it seems to be close to or maybe even over what is recommended for most tires of that size. Check what is stamped on the side wall for maximum pressure, and if this is less than what you're using, this may be the key to solving your problem.

Also, because of the weight you may want to see what kind of load rating your current tires have and compare this to the actual weight which each tire carries. The load rating, is for each tire, so if it is 950 lbs. and your front end, fully loaded is less than 1900 lbs. you should be OK, but if you are close to that, or exceeding it you might want to look at finding tires with a higher load rating.

The speed rating of your tires might also be a consideration, but generally speaking, tires which are designed for heavier loads are not usually made for higher speeds.

You may have to consider changing your wheel size in order to get tires which are more durable under the circumstances which you are using them.

Those are a few of the thoughts which come to mind, I know they don't solve your problem, but perhaps they may help you in seeking a solution.


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tire size
by: kenny

try running a 205 50 less air 30 /35 it will build up on it own heat

Editorial Comment:

It is rarely advisable to try to solve a blow-out problem by using less tire pressure.

The person who made this comment is aware that a tire heats up, but they may not be aware that tires which have lower than the required pressure will heat up more than those tires which carry the "correct" pressure. The increased heat build up weakens the rubber compound and since heat weakens the rubber, a blow-out is usually the result.

The correct pressure for any tire is enough to cause it to reach the working diameter of the tire. Virtually all tires have this diameter as part of the technical specifications but these may be difficult to obtain. If you contact the manufacturer and ask them what is the operating diameter for a specific model and size of tire they may help you. Then you inflate the tire until the distance from the centre of the wheel to the ground (while the tire is cold) measures exactly that diameter.

You must make certain that the load carrying capacity of the tire, the speed rating and the maximum tire pressure is not exceeded in any case.


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