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TIRE GUYAbout the Tire Seller's Directory 

The Tire Seller's Directory is a free service of Tire Information World aimed at assisting readers in locating the tires they wish to buy.

The directory is open to any retail or wholesale tire seller who is at liberty to publish any information which they believe might be useful to a person who might consider doing business with them.  

Tire Information World (TIW) does not monitor nor control the information which is published in a directory listing, however, both readers and sellers should be aware that anyone may leave a comment which will be attached to the listing.  These comments also are uncensored but may be rejected in their entirety if they are irrelevant or in bad taste.  Sellers have the option of responding to any comments with further comments of their own.

Assistance in Listing

Sellers may prepare their own listing headings and descriptions without assistance or intervention and, if the listing is considered to be appropriate, in good taste, and within our limits for avoiding needlessly repetitive listings, they will be approved with little or no editing by TIW. (TIW does reserve the right to make minor corrections to spelling, grammar, etc.)

If any seller wishes assistance in formating their listing, we'd be happy to help but we will make a nominal charge to cover our time.  

For doing things such as including extra photos, or images, and including live links to other websites, our one-time fee would be $9.95.  If the assistance is more complex or subsequent and/or repeated changes are requested we would negotiate a higher fee, depending on the circumstances. 

Please note, however, that we have technical limits on the size and complexity of these free pages, (example maximum 10,000 characters) which we cannot exceed.

If you'd be interested in this assistance, please use our [Contact Us ] form for your inquiry.


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