Different size tires on front

Different size tires on front

(Murfreesboro, TN )

I just purchased 2 new tires for the front of my 2007 Nissan Quest. I just looked at the receipt and they put Honda Odyssey(?)!

I looked up my size tire 225/65R16 they put 235/65R16s on the front. Is this a problem?

Editorial Comment:

Evidently someone either misidentified your vehicle or just wasn't paying much attention when they wrote out your receipt.

The difference between a 225 and a 235/65R16 isn't very much. The width of the 235 is 10mm wider, which is less than 1/2 inch if you're still using Imperial measurements. This tire is also a wee bit higher, 6.5 mm, or roughly 3/8 inch. This amount of difference shouldn't cause any significant problems in your vehicle.

Even so, I would be inclined to tell the shop about the discrepancy and point out that under other circumstances an error of that sort could have had much worse consequences.


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The issue with the dealer
by: Wheels Etc

Going further than just mentioning the error, I would suggest the dealer could be given an alternative.

First, I would ask them to look a the prices of the different tires then refund the difference to you and promise to sell you the same tires when you need to replace the rear tires at the price of the smaller tire.

If they are not willing to write that out for you on the receipt I would then insist that they remove the incorrect tires and replace them with the correct tires because there will be a slight difference in your speedometer and odometer.

As you were told it is not significant, however, there was an error and the dealer should be prepared to make the correction at his expense. If he is not willing to make the correction it is certainly your option to insist they replace them now.

I am a tire dealer and believe the only way I made it 45 years is doing the right thing with customers. I do not subscribe to the "customer is always right" because that is not a fact it is a philosophy. Doing the right thing is much different.

Editorial Comment:

Excellent policy ... I applaud you and would be eager to be your customer if I were nearby.


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