Defender Tires

Defender Tires

by Tully Mars

BFGoodrich Medalist Defender tires

BFGoodrich Medalist Defender tires

I am looking at buying some used "Defender SRX Plus 4" Tires. I can not find ANYTHING about these tires on the net. Maybe they are made by Kelly or maybe they are made by BFG?

Maybe they are original tires on a Land Rover?

Editorial Comment: the Defender Tire line seems to be part of the Medalist brand of tires made by BFGoodrich.

It may not be sold by all BFG dealers.

If you're looking for used tires, perhaps Craigslist might be a source that might help, although unless you really know your tires or where you're buying from buying used tires is risky.

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Defender tires
by: Anonymous

I have four Defender tires on a Mazda Miata.

The tires were on the car when I purchased it and recently the tread has begun to separate on three of the tires.

These tires have about 75% of their original tread and have not been driven in an sort of extreme way.

It appears that this is a manufacturing defect as all of the tires seem to be failing at once.

Defender SRX+4
by: Jmac

Read BFGoodrich & Uniroyal recall notices regarding which tires are considered defective in the Medalist Brand. The tire indicates Medalist in the sidewall above the rim. They are considered a budget level tire and unless on the recall list are safe and reliable according to their statements. I have a set of 235x70x15 that are not on the list. They do indicate which tire sizes are being recalled and can be replaced.

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