Dangers Associated With Driving on Damaged Tires PTIII

Continued from Part II

TIRE GUYDamaged tires and rims can be a major headache as far as cost and inconvenience is concerned. If you hit a pothole, or even a curb, the first thing you should always do is have your tire dealer inspect your wheels. Rim damage can lead to the worst kind of surprise, because the damage caused is not always apparent right away.

damaged tires skid marksA damaged bead could lead to gradual air loss -- something that could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere -- especially if you've gone off road. Slight warping of a rim can cause vibration that affects tire balance and causes premature tire wear.

In addition, if you hit a pothole hard enough, your wheel alignment will need to be inspected again. Ignoring that warning will surely cost you money in the long run, as misalignment is one of the fastest pathways to damaged tires.

Read more about the importance of Wheel Alignment here .

To protect your wheels and tires it is important to foster a culture of good driving habits. Tires wear out much quicker if subjected to high speeds and hard cornering. Is getting to your destination maybe only a few seconds earlier really worth the added expense of damaged tires?

Things like rapid starts, hard stops, roads in bad condition and off road use, are all hard on your vehicle's tires. Road surfaces with potholes or rocks damage tires and can encourage misalignment, so drive carefully if you find yourself in situations that are similar to those above.

If one of your tires has suffered an impact, have it removed and inspected for damage. An impact-damaged tire may appear fine at first, but can fail later. Have the rim inspected also.

Rims can be very expensive these days and there have been many recent developments in wheel repairs. It was not all that long ago damaged wheels were simply discarded at the ownerÂ’s expense, but there are many repair centers specializing in repairing damaged rims now.

Other good practices to employ and enjoy a safe and long life from your tires include;

TIRE ROTATION: Monitor and correct irregular tire wear by rotating your tires. Consult with your car owner's manual or tire dealer for an appropriate rotation plan. Read more about Rotation.

BALANCING: One of the first things to suffer from poor balancing is your tires and a short lifespan from them is guaranteed if you neglect the balance of your wheels. Read more on balancing here .

TIRE WEAR: Learn to recognize the early signs of problems. Read more on tire wear here .

  If you have any questions about tires consult your dealer or ask us here for a second opinion. A good dealer is your number one source of information on tires. Dealers have access to service manuals, wall charts and publications on tire loading, inflation, tire and wheel repair and replacement.


Your dealer will provide replacement tires, balancing services and repair damaged tires. Let your dealer inspect your tires regularly and manage any problems that arise.


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