Effective Scheduling for Commercial Truck Tires

TIRE GUYTires are an important part of any vehicle. Commercial truck tires are an integral part of a business, a part that will decide profit margins and perhaps contracts. For the commercial truck driver, so much needs to be taken into consideration and the cost of running heavy vehicles can be worked out per mile.

Poor driving can reduce fuel economy and retreadabiltiy. Tire wear is consequently increased. These simple things can increase the cost per mile and make all the difference between profit and loss.

Inspection of tires

Regular inspection of tires will detect future problems so that corrective action can be taken. Checking inflation pressure is the key, by maintaining correct tire pressure, optimum fuel economy and maximum retreadability can be achieved. This, combined with minimal wear and tear, reduce tire costs per mile to an absolute minimum. commercial truck tire

Poor inflation pressure means increases in tire wear and tear combined with reduced fuel economy. This can add up to serious cost increases over the life of tires and the heavy vehicles they are mounted on. In an industry where budgets are so critical, this needs effective management tactics to overcome unnecessary expenses.

It sounds complicated but it's not.

Underinflated tires run hotter. This can lead to reduced miles per tire casing and reduce retreadability, resulting in fewer saleable casings. But how can something so simple damage a businesses bottom line?

Tires slowly lose pressure. Just a little bit each month, but that little bit adds up. At the end of each month, you could reduce your tire life by 2%. This is cumulative over time so it will only get worse.

This may sound like only a small amount, but add up the numbers if you have a fleet to manage. Remember that it is cumulative, meaning that 2% turns to 4% and so on. Now start thinking about losing 10% of your tires before you even install them, it is that simple if you neglect the simple things.

Tire rotation

TIRE Assistant Inspection and tire rotation will help eradicate irregular wear. Inspections do cost, but a good inspection program will help avoid breakdowns. Servicing and inspection by schedule will reduce costs and downtime, as opposed to running something until breakdown. Tire inspections are not cost prohibitive and, with some wheeling and dealing, you should be able to create a schedule that can save your company or business money.

To further extend wear and enhance retreadability, tires can be pulled earlier rather than later. A tire with shallow tread is more vulnerable to road hazards and punctures. These can render it unretreadable, so think of it as collateral damage.

When drive tires begin to wear, there are options and you can either send the tires to the retread shop, or move them back to trailer positions. Some transport companies move drive tires to the back to increase the miles they get from each tire.

By reducing costs and increasing miles per tire, you will get the most from commercial truck tires. Maintaining proper inflation and good driving skills, together with a tire inspection and maintenance program rather than driving until breakdown, will maximize the efficiency and profitability of your vehicles.


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