Cheap Truck Tires


In Part I of Cheap Truck Tires we discussed the topic of Retreads and how they can fit into your plan.  Here we discuss the other part of keeping thouse tire costs down.

Doing Your Part

Just getting a low price on tires isn't enought to keep your costs down.  As we constatly are saying all tires require a lot of care, retreads or not. For casual drivers we offer our monthly Tire Chek, e-mail reminder, but the real point is you MUST check your air pressure on a regular basis using an accurate, calibrated tire gauge. This is probably one of the cheapest tools you can buy in relation to the amount of money it can save you.

This, gauge from, is one of the nicest of the new breed of easy-to-use Tire Gauges which I've seen around.

Another alternative you might want to consider are Accutire Digital Tire Air Gauges  to help maintain accurate air pressure which are offered by The Tire Rack.

For The Professional Driver

It does no good THUMPING to determine if your tires need air.  Harvey Brodsky, Managing Director of the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) says, "If you really think you thumping will give you an accurate reading of whether your tires need air, you might as well thump the hood of your truck to determine if your engine needs oil!"

In addition, you have to keep your vehicle in proper alignment, including trailer alignments.  It is an excellent habit to do a walk around your vehicle and do the "dirty hand" inspection at least once a week. (The walk around alone should be done DAILY!)

What's the dirty hand inspection?  Move your hand over the tread area and sidewalls of all the tires you can reach and your hand will tell you if you feels any anomalies. Yes, your hands will get dirty (hence the name), but that's a small price to pay for possibly finding a tire problem that may cost you hundreds of dollars in downtime and tire damage if left undetected.

Holy Suffering Tires!

astDid you know that tires love to suffer! Unlike a dead battery or failed brakes - which will stop you in your tracks - tires will allow you to drive even though they may be ruined because of not having enough air or a faulty sidewall. Never forget that tires are born martyrs and they love to suffer. It's up to you to not allow them to do it.

You will save money and you may even save a life if you give your tires the care they deserve!

Proper care and maintence is the other part of the equation for having cheap truck tires.  Retreads may be a major factor for you but don't take our word for it.  Visit a retread factory and see for yourself how much goes into producing a retread and you may end up cutting your tire costs in half.

(If you'd like to see a CD or DVD from TRIB which contain an enormous amount of information about retreading, tire repairing and tire maintenance tips for both retreads and new tires you can phone toll free number 888-473-8732 from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada or send an email to ).


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