Car rims need love and attention too

TIRE GUYWant to know about car rims?

Did you know if a rim on your car becomes damaged you'll quite possibly have to replace it and possibly all four?

Car rims, whether aluminum or steel can be damaged by unsavory driving habits. It's important you cultivate good driving habits to protect your car's wheels , not speeding over rough roads, avoiding road hazards,  keeping an eye open for curbs and potholes, and checking your tire pressure.

Your tire's air pressure is what protects your rim from getting bent or damaged.   Can you imagine how bashed up they'd be if they were to directly hit everything your car passes over without that cushion of air?

Follow your vehicle's recommended tire pressure, but do not exceed the the pressure indicated on the sidewall. An under inflated tire offers little protection to the rim from hitting hard surfaces such as rocks, curbs, or large potholes, causing it to bend or dent.

Once you've dented a rim, you can experience a slow leak and have to continually be adding air.  You might even wake up with a complete flat tire. There isn't much you can do about a bent truck or car rim other than replacing it, and if you can't find one that matches the others on your vehicle, you'll have to replace all four.

Stay alert for potholes, rough roads, road construction or other road hazards when driving to protect your car rims from getting bent or damaged.

Your wheel can be bent or damaged by the impact of hitting  a pothole at 60-70 miles an hour, which is quite a jarring experience, even if you don't damage the rim.

After striking a deep pothole, if your car shudders or vibrates going down the road, have your wheels checked by a qualified professional. It's also possible for your rims to become unbalanced by driving on rough roads or in construction areas --  the balancing weight can dislodge causing the rim to vibrate, often severely, which can lead to handling, wear and other problems.

Pay attention, especially when in road construction areas, the road may be extremely rough. Take notice of the roadside signs in a construction area, they will usually indicate large bumps, shoulder drop-offs, and other obstacles or hazards. These signs are there for a reason, to help keep your car undamaged, and, on top of that, speeding tickets may increase.  Adding insult to injury, can you imagine damaging a wheel and on top get a speeding fine which has doubled?

The car rims are a vital element in your steering, tires, and undercarriage of your automobile. A bent rim will usually cause your tire to lose air, cause steering difficulties, and can be hard to replace if you need just one.

Pay attention to signs and road hazards, adjust your driving appropriately and you'll go far toward avoiding uncalled for expenses and break downs. 

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