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Would it surprise you to know that the American Automobile Association (AAA) has calculated your daily commute to and from work will cost you about $59.20 for every 100 miles you travel?  (based on 2014 gas prices!)  While finding a more fuel-efficient car may be able to lower some of the cost, one of the easiest ways to save money can be simply by keeping to your manufacturer's suggested schedule for car maintenance.   This schedule can usually be found in your car user's guide.

One of the best ways to keep your car maintained is by simply taking care of your tires. Improperly inflated and mis-aligned tires increase fuel consumption by 6%. Who knew tires could make such a difference?  Many drivers believe that if they aren't flat, they are good to go, but tires need to be taken much more seriously.

Don't forget that your tires are your only point of contact with the road, and that tire maintenance is an important part of your overall car maintenance plan. Balance, alignment, rotation and tire pressure (See Tire Glossary) all require scheduled attention to ensure that you are doing everything you can to keep your family safe.

For most of us, tire maintenance simply means keeping up the proper tire pressure. Knowing how to use a basic tire pressure gauge   is an easy first step to helping you save money.

Maintaining the appropriate tire pressure is only the first step you can take to ensure your tires are doing their job properly. Your tires can be perfectly inflated, but still create problems unless they are properly balanced when they are first installed, or whenever they are rotated.

Contrary to some popular belief, it is still necessary to rotate your tires at least twice a year, a task that many people forget to do now that all-season tires have replaced the yearly tradition of changing to winter tires and completing the rotation at the same time. In order to ensure proper car maintenance, remember to rotate your tires at least twice per year. Perhaps you can remember to complete this basic chore of proper car maintenance by scheduling it when daylight savings time changes.

Finally, ensure that you are keeping up with your car's maintenance schedule by having your wheels aligned. Without proper alignment all of your other efforts can be wasted. Whenever you install new tires or rotate your existing ones it makes good car sense to have the alignment checked by your dealer or mechanic to ensure proper steering and tire wear.

Isn't it time to cut some of your total vehicle costs? Paying attention to your car maintenance is a simple way to keep a bit more of your hard earned money and ensure your family's safety while on the road.


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