Don't Lose Your Traction When It Comes To Car Maintenance

TIRE GUYWant to know about car maintenance?


Car maintenance is a comprehensive topic that many people don't really spend a lot of time thinking about, but if they did, they could save a truckload of money.

You can do a few simple things as a car owner besides just turning the key on and taking off down the road. Knowing the details of car maintenance will also increase your gas mileage and make for safer travel.

People don't like going bald and car owners shouldn't either. While going bald might not help with getting the women, bald tire have much more severe consequences.

Tire Wear is the leading cause of hydroplaning. Without the tread in tires, there is no way for the water to be removed from under the tire while the car is in motion. Driving in an automobile with little or no tread makes the auto skim along water on the road and the car's tires will actually lose contact with the road surface. One way to prevent premature tire baldness is to keep the Tire Pressure at the suggested level recommended by the car's manufacturer.

Car maintenance is easy to do; it just requires paying attention to your car and taking a little time to do regular upkeep.

Changing Oil

You should change your oil every three thousand miles. This is also an ideal way to keep track of the need for tire rotation. Tire rotation keeps the wear on the tires even, thus it is a simple way to get the most out of your tires. Guess what, this saves money too.

Gassing Up

When you pull into a gas station, sometimes the attendant will ask if you would like the oil checked or the windshield cleaned. If this service is free, say yes. If the attendant has a tire gauge in his breast pocket, skip the windshield care and ask if he would please check you tire pressure. Some cars come with a read out that lets you see your tire pressure, pay attention to these readings and keep the tires within one pound of each other.

Fluids Check

Another overall great tip for good car maintenance is to check the fluids. The oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid, wiper fluid, power steering fluid, and hydraulic clutch fluid (if equipped) are all important. Checking the radiator fluid is easy and mandatory. Water in people is life giving. Fluids in the automobile are no different. It is easy to do, but very costly if you don't do it.

Every third oil change, it would be an excellent idea to get your tires balanced. When your car's tires are balanced, an overall reduction in vibration occurs, allowing for even tire wear. When things run smoothly, they run better.

In addition to keeping track of your tire wear and keeping good traction, car maintenance includes making sure air filters are clean and fuel filters are replaced.

A tune up at regular intervals (schedule provided in the owner's manual) will also increase your mileage performance and reduce engine wear.

The first step to car maintenance is to keep track of the little things your car needs. If you do these things, you will have great traction, a safer ride, and a car that won't leave you stranded on the side of the road.


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