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The tires on your vehicle are an important aspect to your car maintenance, and as such require constant vigilance and attention to overall tire health.Ê While you consistently maintain your oil change intervals and other recommended car maintenance, sometimes we forget to keep an eye on our tires. Our wake-up call is often driving a car that doesn't hold the road, waking up to a flat tire, or wondering why our fuel consumption has increased.

Steering Difficulties

Worn or unbalanced tires will often cause steering difficulties, rough handling, and difficulty holding the road on wet or icy surfaces.Ê It's important when you fill up fuel that you take a good look at your tires.Ê YouÕll want to notice if you have uneven tread wear or if one tire has less tread than the others.

Uneven wear, whether on individual tires or on all four indicates that you have a suspension difficulty, alignment problem or possibly problems with ball joints or tie rod ends.Ê

Tire Tread

Keeping an eye on the tread on your tires can help you avoid major vehicle repairs by allowing you to get problems solved before something actually breaks and your stranded on the side of the road.

Checking on your tires consistently helps you avoid waking up with a flat tire by noticing when tire pressure is low.Ê Should you notice that you have one or more tires that seem to have low-pressure, check with a pressure gauge on a regular basis to discover if you have a leak and add air to the pressure indicated by the tire manufacturer (usually indicated in PSI on the tire wall).Ê

Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure can cause uneven wear on your tires, increase your fuel consumption, and cause steering difficulties because of drag on low-pressure tires.Ê Not to mention, of course, waking up with a flat tire, costing you time and money.Ê

Should you notice you have low-pressure in your tires on a constant basis, perhaps a visit to your local tire store can help discover whether you have a leaky stem seal, wheel or rims seal, or possibly a foreign object stuck in your tire.Ê Most tire stores are happy to check your tires for a very low cost or even free.

Fuel Consumption

Believe it or not your tires have a lot to do with fuel consumption. Purchasing the wrong type of tire or tire size for your particular type of driving can cost you in miles per gallon.Ê Be sure to check with a qualified individual or follow your manufacturers recommended tire size or type for your particular vehicle and driving style.Ê You may find that upgrading your tires increases your fuel mileage and with the increasing cost of fuel, getting the highest miles per gallon while driving your vehicle add up to substantial savings.

Your car maintenance should include a regular check on the condition of your tires.Ê Checking at every fuel fill up gives you a chance to check your tires for uneven wear, under inflated tires, and of course the overall health of your car tires.Ê


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