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Canadien Tire or Canadian Tire it's almost a flip of the coin ...

If you've typed Canadien Tire into your search engine you were most probably looking for the Canadian Tire Corporation Canadian Tire Corporation has almost reached icon-status in Canada, selling not just tires but all manner of things.

When you look through the Canadian Tire Catalogue, you'll get the feeling it's more like a hardware store than a tire retailer. However, not many hardware stores sell tires, let alone the range of specialty and snow tire that Canadien Tire Retailers do. So, whether you call it Canadien Tire, Canadian Tire, or even CTC (Canadian Tire Corporation), chances are that you'll be talking about the same Canadian Tire retailer.


La Société Canadian Tire


Canadian Tire is a publicly listed company with some 57,000 employees. Its origins go back to 1922 when co- founders Alfred J Biles and J William Biles first started their journey in retail. Canadian Tire Corporation is predominantly a tire retailer. However, it has generated some extra businesses through the growth of the organization. Canadian Tire has a number of divisions; its retail arm, PartSource Automotive Stores, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Canadian Tire Petroleum, and Mark's Work Wearhouse.

Canadian Tire Financial Services operates as a bank and provides finance for its customers across all divisions of the organization. It also operates the emergency roadside service component of Canadian Tire. In addition, Canadian Tire Financial Services also manage the Canadian Tire Money program.

Canadian Tire Financial Services offer a number of Mastercard, insurance and banking services and products. According to Wikipedia, CFFS employs more than 1,600 people and has offices in Welland, St. Catherine, and Burlington, Ontario. It originally began in 1961 as Midland Shoppers Credit Limited, before being acquired by the Canadian Tire Corporation in 1968.

Canadian Tire Petroleum is one of Canada's largest independent retailers of gasoline. It operates 273 gas bars, 266 convenience stores and 74 car washes right across the country. According to Wikipedia, Canadian Tire was the world's first hard goods retailer to sell gasoline at their stores as a means of driving customer traffic. This model has since been copied by most of the world's top hard goods retailers, including Wal Mart, Home Depot, Real Canadian Superstore/Loblaw's, and Safeway.

Mark's Work Wearhouse first opened in Calgary, Alberta in 1977 and supplies unisex apparel, including business casual, weekend and work wear clothing.

The PartSource chain specializes in automotive parts and provides for the professional automotive installers of Canada, as well as the serious do-it-yourselfer that's out there.

Canadian Tire Money and what it's all about

Canadian Tire money (CTM) is the organization's loyalty program, it's initial use was with the gas bar division of CTM in 1958, but proved so popular it was extended to the Canadien Tire retail stores as well . Coupons are issued by the company and resemble real currency, albeit a little bit smaller. The promotion has been so successful that some privately owned businesses accept the promotional look-a-like money as payment in their own stores (presumably to then spend at Canadian Tire themselves).

Canadian_Tire_Moneytwo bill varieties

The promotion has been so successful that there is even an official collectors club, des Collectionneurs de Coupons Canadian Tire (Canadian Tire Coupon Collectors Club), for all avid fans of the pseudo currency. Canadian Tire Gas Bars issue the pseudo money based upon how many liters of gas a customer purchases at their outlets and comes in 1 dollar, 2 dollar versions, as well as 5, 10, 25 and 50 cent versions.

You can use Canadian Tire Money at any time in any of its stores. CTM can be combined with other discounts on items and can be used to pay for a portion of an item or even to pay for the whole item.

Canadian Tire Money has undergone some changes over the years, and today uses anti-counterfeiting technology to try and combat the many attempts to commit fraud that have occurred.

Cartes-cadeaux. It's French for Gift Card

If you're not a regular user of Canadien Tire Gas Bars, but would like to purchase a gift card for someone, Canadian Tire Corporation have a selection of gift cards that are redeemable at Canadian Tire stores, service centers and gas bars across Canada. The gift cards can be used to purchase tires, gas or even items from the Canadian Tire Catalogue like snow removal gear, power equipment, outdoor storage items, BBQs and accessories, bird Feeders and seed, fertilizers, garden decor, garden tools, patio furniture, pressure washers and accessories, and more.

The Catalogue

These days, the Canadian Tire Catalogue is only available online after the company decided that the logistical and operational issues involved with disturbing around 9 million catalogues every week were no longer viable. The catalogue is quite vast and includes links to the other Canadian Tire Corporation associate businesses (Canadian Tire Gas Bars, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Canadian Tire Petroleum, Marks Workwearhouse and Patrsource).

Depending on what particular division of Canadian tire you're looking for, it's feasible that an average shopaholic could spend quite some time on the organization's websites.  Alexa reports that an even mix of male and females of all ages look at the Canadian Tire site regularly. It's no surprise really; the Canadian Tire Corporation seems to be trying to cater for just about every Canadian‘s needs.

So, whether you choose to spell it Canadien Tire or Canadian Tire, there's little doubt you'll have any trouble finding the Canadien Tire Catalogue online. The organization will satisfy even the most fastidious tire customer with a vast range of tires to choose from, and a few other things as well.


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