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Just to set the record straight about Canadian Tires, I'd like to make it clear that there are no purely Canadian tires and no tire brand called "Canadian", but there is a large retail chain in Canada which is called "Canadian Tire". 

Canadian Tire's Logo

This is truly a big retail chain with 487 stores at last count and while they are big sellers of a wide variety of merchandise --including food in some outlets-- they do sell a great many tires.  So, if you are in Canada and need tires this may be the place to shop.

The list of brands which you could expect to find in Canadian Tire's stores include:

MotoMaster is Canadian Tire's own private brand produced for them by major tire companies such as Goodyear, Michelin and BF Goodrich.

Some of the pluses in choosing Canadian Tire as the place to buy your tires

  • A large number of locations, 487 in Canada
  • A strong commitment to selling tires, with a good assortment of brands, sizes and tire types.
  • Stores which sell other merchandise from gardening supplies, housewares and furnishings, hardware, sporting goods and camping supplies allowing you to shop for other items while your tires are being installed.

Tire Basics

Canadian tire's service bays As tire specialists, Canadian Tire recommends proper tire maintenance with special attention to the following;

  • Balancing - Tires should be balanced to ensure vibration-free ride and to avoid damage to steering and suspension components.

  • Alignment - Give your tires a visual inspection. Any feathering of the tread face, apparent to eye or touch, is a reliable sign of misalignment or worn suspension.

  • Avoid curb scuffing - this is a sure way to needing a wheel alignment.

  • 2-wheel or 4-wheel alignment? All four wheels should be properly aligned. It's particularly important to check 4-wheel alignment on FWD vehicles because they lack a rear drive axle, which tends to keep rear wheels in alignment.

  • Inflation - The most frequent cause of tire problems is under-inflation! Even extreme under-inflation can be difficult to detect simply using a visual inspection - don't depend on it, use a tire gauge.

  • Under inflated or overloaded tires, generate high levels of destructive, internal heat, which could lead to blow outs! Really low tire-pressure can even unseat the tire from the rim while your vehicle is moving!

  • Correct air pressure lead to longer tire life, improved fuel economy and lower risk of accidents.

  • Rotation - To prevent uneven wear, rotate your tires regularly. Rotation equalizes wear between tires mounted on drive wheels and non-powered positions and allows a closer inspection of tread wear.

Corporate Home Office
2180 Yonge Street
P.O. Box 770, Station K
Toronto, ON M4P 2V8

Customer Relations
1-800-387-8803 (English)
1-800-565-3356 (French)

Corporate Website


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