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TIRE GUYMaking a warranty Claim from BF Goodrich Part II

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Warranty obligations of owner

Before we look at what you must do if you want your BF Goodrich tires to be covered by the company's guarantee, it is a good idea to know what is not guaranteed. After all, there's no point in going to the trouble of meeting your requirements, only to have your claim rejected because it isn't covered by the guarantee.


It seems like a long list, and you might almost get the impression that they don't guarantee anything, but that is not the case. In very simple terms, the company covers what they can control, things which are beyond their control they don't pretend to guarantee.

So, what things can't BF Goodrich control, which they specify in their guarantee so that you know where you stand?

  • damage to tire which are caused by their being used. -Things like cuts, bruises, snags, punctures or damage from impact (running into something, like rocks, or a curb)
  • TIP: Altough the tire company will not respond to damages for incorrect mounting, you might be able to get some response from the dealer who did the work

  • damage caused by incorrectly mounting or installing of the tire, tire/wheel imbalance or improper repair;
  • damage caused by using the tire where or in a way which it was not designed to be used, not caring for it the way you should, using it for racing, putting in too much, or not enough air, and other practices which abuse the tire;
  • for certain tires using them without a properly functioning low pressure warning system;
  • damages caused by mechanical problems in the vehicle, like misalignment;
  • damages caused because the tire was in an accident, caused by fire, chemicals, modifications to the tire, or vandalism,
  • being used as a commercial application, except for certain tires;
  • problems cause by improperly storing a tire, or by breaklock;
  • putting anything other than air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide inside the tire;
  • cracks or checks on the tire caused by ozone or exposure to weather.

The list seems long, but, as I mentioned earlier -- and you can probably agree if you think about them, these are things which nobody in BFGoodrich can control. Some of these things you might be able to control, others are simply things which sometimes happen which are completely beyond anyone's control.


What must you do

In very simple terms you have to look after your tires and use them properly.

service record
Tire maintenance record

The company will ask you to provide records to certify these things.

  1. you must show them that you are the owner of the vehicle on which the tires were installed and that the tires were used only on that vehicle;
  2. you will asked to provide a service record that shows that you have had the tires inspected and rotated by a BF Goodrich dealer at least every 7,500 miles.

    This is a normal, good maintenance practice, which you should be doing anyway, because it helps you extend the life of your tires and will alert you to any possible mechanical problems before they become major ones.
  3. to make a claim you must present the required records together with your original invoice to an authorized BF Goodrich dealer along with the tire which you wish to make a claim about. If your claim is accepted, you must give the defective tire to the company, and accept that it may not be returned to you.

TIP: Some dealers will provide regular rotation service FREE to their regular customers. Ask your dealer if they will do this for you before you buy from them.

From my experience in the tire business, I can tell you that it is not very often that tires do fail because of defects which are caused by faulty materials or workmanship, but they do happen and if you are careful in doing your maintenance and keep your receipts and records organized, it can definitely pay off, when these things do occur.

There's a side benefit of doing this regular maintenance and keeping track of it: Your vehicle will operate much more satisfactorily, will last longer and when it does come time to sell it, you can often get a better price if you can show how carefully you've looked after it.

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