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TIRE GUYTo get a full appreciation of BF Goodrich Tires,

... and to help you sort out some of the confusion which might arise when discussing this on the internet, let's set the record straight about the name of this brand. According to the company's warranty the registered trademark is BFGoodrich.

This means that, legally speaking, all names like BF Goodrich tires, or simply BF Goodrich isn't right. We also see more casual interpretations around, such as bf goodridge, bf goodwrench, bf tires, and bfg tires. BFGoodrich is probably what is meant when these terms are being used or searched for on the internet.

Another point which might be worth mentioning is that
BFGoodrich ia a brand name owned by Michelin North America, Inc. even though it started and was run for many years as an independent, competitor until it was taken over in the 1988 by Michelin. (See BFG history)

BF Goodrich tire's warranty

To get a full appreciation of what this brand of tires is all about we can take a look at the BF Goodrich tire's warranty and dissect it so that you know what you're really buying when you purchase their products. (You can download a copy of this from  BFG Warranty --opens a new window.)


Without getting bogged down in details, the tires you buy and install on your vehicle are guaranteed for 6 years after you buy them, unless you wear them out first.

When you bought them is determined by the sales receipt of the tires, or of the vehicle, if they were on a new vehicle. If you don't have a receipt, then it's six years from the date of manufacture which is marked on the tire sidewall. (Hint: Keep your receipt.)

What is covered is the workmanship and materials used in manufacture of the tire, but you are responsible to maintain the tires and use them according to the recommendations in the warranty.

Certain models of tire or tread designs are guaranteed to give you a certain minimum number of miles. The number will vary depending on the tire but ranges from 40,000 miles for the lowest, to 80,000 or more for the highest.

Divide tire cost by guaranteed miles to get cost-per-mile

Generally speaking, there is a direct relationship between the number of miles service you get and the price you pay, but it is a good practice to divide the cost of any tire by it's guaranteed mileage to help you compare different tires. Sometimes your cost-per-mile can be considerably lower when you buy a more expensive tire with a much higher guaranteed mileage.

The mileage guarantee of BF Goodrich tires is similar to most major tire manufacturer's in that it is a pro rata guarantee. This practice, I believe, is a fair one, but if you don't understand it, and are expecting something else, it might come as a shock when you try to make a claim.

In simple terms the pro rata basis, means that you pay for what you got from the tire, and the company gives you a credit, for the part you didn't get.

To help you see what is happening, suppose you purchased a one-way bus ticket to take you from New York to Los Angeles, but the bus broke down in Los Vegas. Now you've already got most of the journey completed, so it would not be reasonable to expect the bus company to give you back your money for the part of your trip from NY to Las Vegas. What would be most reasonable is for them to cover the cost of finishing the trip for which you had originally purchased a ticket.

This, in a similar sense, is what happens with a pro rated mileage guarantee. If you buy a tire that is guaranteed give you 50,000 miles and you only get 40,000, then you get a credit equal to the 10,000 miles you didn't get on the original tire, to reduce the price of the next tire you purchase. In this example you have already received 40,000/50,000, or 4/5th (80%) of what you were guaranteed to get, so when you buy a new tire under this guarantee provision, you would pay only 80% of the new tire's cost, instead of 100%.

The Price Of The New Tire

To determine what the new tire will cost, you will pay the current price which that replacement tire is selling for at the dealer where you make a claim, but if you suspect that their price may be more than what other dealers are charging just for the sake of this guarantee adjustment, you can have the BFGoodrich brand Base Price List value used, if you find it to your advantage.

In our example the discount you receive on the new tire might not seem like much, because you really got most of what you had been guaranteed to get. If, for some unusual situation, you had only gotten 10,000 miles from a 50,000 mile tire, the discount would have been 80%.

In fact, from my reading of the warranty, it seems to me that if you had this tire with 10,000 miles wear out in the first 12 months, that the company would not charge you anything because a tire which does not last a year and produces less than 25% of it's guaranteed life is likely to have some defect it it's manufacture or the materials used.

Of course, my interpretation does not place any obligation on BFGoodrich, but I'd suggest that you might want to ask about this when you're visiting a dealer, even though it is highly unlikely that this kind of thing would happen.

You do have some obligations to meet, if you want to make a claim under this warranty. To read about those, click on BF Goodrich tires Warranty Obligations.


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