Bad set of tires

Bad set of tires

by Paul Gaumond
(Sevierville TN USA)

Recently I purchesed a set of Cyclone Sport A/T tires, 245/75/R16 for my Ford E250 Van. The tires were supposed to have RWL, the tires came BW. I could live with that, the shop tried four times to ballance the tires making shure the tire machine was calibrated. The tires still vibrade from 40mph to 60mph. after 60mph it is a serious shimmy, I would say even dangerous! So, no hiway driving. I reported the problem emediatly when they put the tires on. The distributer said there was nothing he could do about my problem, I just lost $550. My question is do you know who makes the Cyclone Sport tire, maby the manufacturer would be willing to back up their product. This is a huge problem when you are over 65 on SS, I am disabled and this is my only vehicle. Do you have any suggestions??

Thank you for listining!
Paul Gaumond
I live in Sevierville TN

Editorial Comment

Tire Kingdom International claims to be the Exclusive Distributor of Cyclone Tires. They are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and list 800 962 8473 as their phone no in the USA.

According to their web site the tires you named are made in the USA. If you will look at the DOT code (see DOT Code Chart.) you should be able to determine from the code in which plant (and therefore which tire company) makes these tires.

From the description of your situation it doesn't sound likely that all the tires are defective and it may not even be a problem with the tires themselves if something happened after you left the tire shop to produce this problem or if there is some mechanical defect that you might not have noticed until after you'd changed tires.

I'm not saying that I don't believe there is any problem that the manufacturer would not respond to … just that it seems unlikely that all 4 tires are defective. It is rare enough that one tire comes out badly with the quality control which manufacturers run, but for 4 to be bad is a really long shot.

It is not clear to me if you have taken your car back to the shop where you got them so they could inspect the situation, or if you only notified them by phone or some other way. If you haven't had the tires inspected by them, this is the very first step to see if the cause of the vibration can be determined. As I mentioned earlier, it could be a problem with a tire, or it might be some other cause. Once you know what the likely cause is, then you can be better equipped to seek a solution and possibly get some compensation for what happened.


Comments for Bad set of tires

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These tires are bad and unsafe.
by: Sam Medici

I have four Cyclone tires purchased 3 years ago that have only 15000 miles on them and they are beginning to separate. I just left my mechanic and he showed me where the tires are separating. He does not sell tires and he had the car for two days attempting to find any other reason for the vibrations that the car was having at various speeds. He could find nothing else. I am on my way to the seller of these tires and hope they will settle this problem without too much of an argument.

Editorial Comment:

I wouldn't argue about the fact that your tires are now unsafe and might need replacing, but there are some things that you should consider before blaming the tire company for producing a bad product.

Two thoughts. First, even though you may have an excellent mechanic, he may not have expertise in tires and how to avoid or solve tire-related problems. If he has eliminated any mechanical reasons for vibration, then the problems may well lie in the tires, their match between them and the wheels, alignment or inadequate conditions in the tires' use.

In my experience the largest, by far, cause of tire issues is improper inflation. This can provoke separation of the tread from the carcass or other problems.

You didn't give any details about your car or the way you use it and the conditions under which you drive. Any of these could provoke tire failure that isn't a result of the tire being of poor quality, or defective in its manufacture. In fact, if a problem is affecting more than one tire at the same time, it is almost always something which is related to a mechanical issue or something to do with the way the tires are maintained and used.

It is extremely rare that several or all of the tires from ANY tire company to fail in exactly the same way at the same time for reasons which are within the tire maker's control.


Bad Tires
by: Anonymous

I will take issue with the advice given here. An out of round tire will produce symptoms as described, and no amount of balancing will fix it. There are a lot of bad tires circulating, and unfortunately the only fix is to can them. Adding or moving weights around is not a fix. At the very least, the tire should be dis-mounted and rotated on the rim to try and mitigate the problem, but that rarely works on a bad tire. If it didn't do it until the new ones, highly unlikely its mechanical.

Editorial Comment:

It puzzles me why anyone who is sure of their position would not be willing to identify themselves, but I do agree with this anonymous writer that ONE of the possible causes for this kind of problem is an out-of-round tire. I also agree that balancing will not fix the problem unless it is very minor in nature.

If you're interested in knowing what causes an out of round tire, it most frequently is due to bad handling in shipment or poor storage conditions which cause to tire to become deformed. This could happen in a warehouse at the factory where they were made, it could happen in transit to the ultimate retailer, or in some cases it might even happen after a tire has been sold.

In the case which was originally presented, where a vehicle might be sitting for long periods, that in itself could be a cause if the tire's pressure slowly goes down (which is normal) and nothing has been done to take the weight off of them, this could cause the tires to deform. Since we weren't provided with full details and I haven't seen the tires in question it's hard to form an certain conclusion over what might be the cause.


Tires separating
by: Elton Fleck.

I also have the Cyclone Sport A/T. I bought them in 2010 but only drive the truck about 3,000 miles a year. They shake alot and you can see knots. Tires still look new but are separating and I was told the guarantee was 1 year. So I'm stuck with bad tires even though they only have around 8,000 miles. I will replace them but not with Cyclone 10 ply.

Editorial Comment:

From your description it is hard to make an accurate diagnosis, but since you've said that you only drive about 3,000 miles a year, this implies that the vehicle is not being used over long periods. What you do need to investigate is what kind of storage conditions you have which could be affecting your tires, in addition to any kinds of road hazards which may have affected the tires. Since it seems that all tires are affected, I'd be more inclined to suspect something that would affect all tires equally.

As I've stated in other comments, it is highly unusual for tires to all be bad when they come from the factory, but if they are you will usually notice something in the first while that you use them unless it is a material defect which causes them to wear or deteriorate at an accelerated rate.


Cyclone Ultra Tours
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with tire vibration on my Town car.

Took it to 3 different tire stores all tried to balance yet the car still vibrates most between 40 and 60 MPH. Had tires road forced balanced and a number of them were irregular.

I cant find anyone to warranty the tires. They came on the car when I purchased it used 6 months ago.

Editorial Comment:

If your tires were perfectly balanced when they were off the vehicle and then you feel vibration when they are mounted on the vehicle, you need to suspect that there is a mechanical defect which is causing the vibration.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are seeking to get warranty coverage is that it is not unusual for warranties to be valid only for the original purchaser of the tires and you may have to produce your sales receipt.

If these tires were on a vehicle which you purchased used, that may make it difficult to make a warranty claim because most warranties require the owner to keep up their part of inspecting and rotating tires. Since you are a different owner than the person who purchased them, the tire company may not have any way of knowing if the previous owner did everything they should to care for the tires, or if they used them commercially or in some other way which is excluded from warranty coverage.


Where are they made!
by: Anonymous

Cooper Tires makes them in Korea, they took the place of their Kenda tire lines. They are carried at many distributors across the country anyone that is affiliated with Sumitomo Tires will also carry them i.e. Tire Kingdom, TBC, etc.


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