ATV Tires on Automobile wheels

ATV Tires on Automobile wheels

by John Bobel
(Chicago, IL)

Custom ATV Wheel

Custom ATV Wheel

Can I use ATV tires on automotive rims? Will the bead seat properly?

I am building a sand rail, and am having a hard time finding a good tire & wheel combo to accommodate the bolt pattern that I have on my spindles. I have a 4 X 4" pattern and can't find many wide 14 inch rims for that pattern and I can't find any good tires for the 13 inch wheels which I do have. I have found a good set of 26X12X14 ATV tires, and if I can use those tires on automotive rims, I can make it work.

Editorial Comment:  There may or may not be a problem in what you're thinking of doing. This depends on the diameter of the rim/tire combination, more than anything else.

When you talk of 26X12X14 ATV tires, you know, I'm sure, that 26 is the outside diameter, 14 is the width of the tire and 14 is the diameter of the rim which should be used (all in inches).

Since you mentioned 13" rims, I must point out that you can NEVER attempt to put 14" tires on those rims, you'd be running a high risk of having them come off in use, if they ever even did seat at all on the rim.

The other point you have to take into consideration is the width of the rim. You may find manufacturer specifications that tell you the rim width which a certain tire is made for and an acceptable range. This is usually anywhere from 2 to 4 inches less than the tire width, but if you can find the actual recommended specs, this is the best bet.

As for using automobile wheels for an ATV, I doubt if that would be a problem as long as the things we've already noted are taken into account.

Although you didn't mention it, I would like to point out that no one should consider using ATV tires on a car or vehicle for highway use. These tires are not designed for high speed operation, their construction and material components are not made for the heat and stress that a car in highway use produces.

Good luck in your project.


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by: Anonymous

There are several different "rim contours" to be aware of. Your ATV tires may be designed for rim with different geometry where the bead seats and may not fit and could create a potentially dangerous situation.

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